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Securus Technologies is an information technology firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. In the past, the company has been a well-known producer of communications and security Technologies and focuses primarily on the United States penal system in order to develop a large customer base. Securus mainly draws its customer base from the inmates and security Personnel that work within the prison system. This means that a lot of times their customers are at certain disadvantages that other customers for different Information Technology corporations do not have to deal with. One such issue that many Securus companies suffer from is a heightened chance of becoming a victim or a contributor to criminal activity. One activity that is commonplace in the prisons and jails in the United States is the unauthorized use of cellular in mobile devices. The use of such devices could cause these individuals to continually break the law, even while behind bars. Criminal acts using cellular devices include drug deals, smuggling of Contraband into the prison system, as well as the possibility to commit atrocious acts such as murder. At the current time, it is extremely hard to Monitor and two disrupt the use of cellular devices within Prison Walls, although Securus technology solution to this problem.


The wireless containment system is the brainchild of Securus Technologies and the solution that they have come up with for the unauthorized cell phone issue. The way that the wireless containment system will work is that Securus Technologies will install the system within the prison or jail that has purchased service, which will then be used to place an invisible barrier around the location. This barrier will act as in net that will capture all incoming and outgoing signals that are being produced either through a Wi-Fi signal or network signal. once a Securus Technologies operator locates the signal, they have the ability to either accept the signal from traveling through the barrier or they can disable it at the source. The interesting thing about how the system operates Is that it will also have the ability to completely disable the device that the signal originated from. This would render the vice useless for future use, making Steeler Contraband nearly worthless to inmates.


It is unknown when Securus will be officially producing the containment systems within the walls of their customers, for what is for sure is that when they do begin to produce these incredible networking systems the prisons that they belong and will become much better places to be work in. This is just one other reason why Securus Technologies can be considered a humanitarian Corporation, as it is looking out for the best interest of its customers.


An Interesting Time for Information Technology

Securus Technologies is a high end and well-known information technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company was originally created in order to offer communications support to security personnel but quickly expanded to meet the needs of prison inmates and their families. Having prisoners as your main customer base offers a number of challenges, one of which is being able to collect monthly subscription fees from clients. Many families who rely on Securus do not have functional bank accounts or credit cards, with usual life hardships to blame. In order to further support their clients and give them the ability to pay more frequently, Securus Technologies has decided to spend some additional money and purchase online financial sensation GovPayNet.


GovPayNet has been around for a decent period of time and has supported such online storefronts as eBay and Amazon, to name a few. Their usefulness lies in the fact that they offer multiple forms of payment for their customers. This means that instead of simply offering a credit card as a payment method a customer can decide to use a credit card, or a prepaid credit card, checking account, PayPal, or other similar methods. This is great news for Securus customers and will certainly alter the way that the company does business in the future.


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Utilizing The Program By Securus Technologies is a Great Option For Law Enforcement

If you’ve had difficulty in communicating with someone who may be in jail, then it may be recommended for you to see what Securus Technologies can offer you. It is a great tool that allows people to stay in touch even if one of the parties of the conversation is currently incarcerated in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies has designed a program that allows individuals to talk with one another in a face-to-face situation over the utilization of computer devices in a video conferencing method. Although other programs exist to conduct such forms of communication, it is important to know that this program is one of its kind. It allows people to participate in video conferencing forms of communications even when one of the parties of the communications that is occurring is in jail. It eliminates the needs of scheduling sessions of visitation in which the visitors are required to schedule appointments in which they are required to travel to the facilities. Such scheduling options have often been known to be difficult and lengthy as jails are often so busy that scheduling conflicts occur. Securus Technologies eliminates the needs of scheduling for physical instances of visitation as the visitor can comfortable chat with the inmate through the means of video chatting with the program.


Securus Technologies has also had a great part in uncovering certain instances of crimes that have occurred in the jails, thus, making it a great option for law enforcement agencies to uncover the crimes that often go unnoticed. When the communications occurs between the inmate and their visitor(s), law enforcement officials has access to the video conferencing session and can utilize any pertinent data that may be discussed within them as evidence that may be reason enough to begin an investigation that could potentially stop or uncover a crime.


Securus Technologies helps keep the season bright in tough times

Spending Christmas away from your loved one can be a depressing, stressful time. This is especially true if your loved one is incarcerated. Getting to see them can be taxing and in some cases impossible. And they can never be there to watch the kids unwrap presents or to eat turkey dinner with grandma and grandpa. It’s times like this that Securus Technologies video visitation can make the season bright again.


In this short video we see some of the benefits of video visitation brought to life. The video is 100% unscripted. The inmate and his family graciously allowed Securus Technologies to record and present their real Christmas interactions. The video captures some of the magic that two way video communications can sprinkle over an extremely stressful situation during a potentially depressing time.


But the video doesn’t present the whole story either. This family was saved a lot of hassle by not having to go through the hardships of an in-facility visit. With an internet-mediated video visitation there’s no commute, no lines. You don’t have to pack the kids and grandparents in the car then potentially wait for hours. There’s no driving half a day only to be told the facility has been put on lock down, that you’ll just have to come back next month. And most importantly you can talk with your loved one whenever you want, so long as they have sufficient credits and the facility allows it.


Today many facilities are encouraging video visitations not just for the reasons listed above but also for the security of the prison itself. Securus Technologies as always, has been at the forefront vanguard of this shift. They’ve been bringing efficient solutions to bear on the challenging problems faced by prison inmates and staff alike for decades. Prisons are among the most high-tension, stressful environments found anywhere. But Securus Technologies believes that through research and innovation that stress can be minimized in a humane way, a way in which everyone wins.


Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technology-based solutions to prisons, jails and detention centers across the USA. Serving over 3,400 facilities, it’s been a leader in innovation for the last 30 years. It holds over 140 patents and in the last three years alone has spent more than $600 million on research and development.


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