Get Only Great Wireless Services From FreedomPop

Anyone looking for more information about FreedomPop should take notice of a FreedomPop review, especially when it’s about the particular services that they are looking for. Although FreedomPop has its roots deep in cell phone services, there are also other services that are offered, like home Internet service and portable hotspots. Not every review will talk about all the services, so maybe it’s necessary to read through different reviews to get the right information. The cell phone services are available with different plans, such as the free service, the Wi-Fi service plan, the paid service, and the unlimited everything plan.


With the free cell phone service, there is no charge for using the service each month, and the service will come with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and unlimited text messages. The free service also has an automatic top up that is set up when the services are turned on, and it requires that there is a charge of $10 once the data gets down to 100 MB.


Remove the automatic top up by going into the account to disable it, but remember that once the top up is turned off, there will be a charge for every megabyte of data that’s consumed. Also, there is always a way to get around paying for extra data by simply completing offers or surveys to earn free data.  Using the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 is also the best way to get unlimited services, including unlimited data.


Anyone who’s interested can also use the Wi-Fi service plan, which can be connected to a cell phone to allow the user to have unlimited data, talk time, and text messages, and the cost of the service is only five dollars per month. Those who want to use the Wi-Fi service on its own can do so at the same cost of five dollars per month, and tethering the services can allow it to connect to other devices, such as tablets and laptops. FreedomPop is also offering portable hotspots that come with 500 MB of free data, and the FreedomPop Hub for home Internet service comes with 1 GB of free monthly data as well.