Doe Deere- Founder of the Makeup Line with a Bright Future

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the vibrant beauty brand Lime Crime. She began this line in 2008 after recognizing the need for bright and colorful make-up. Lime Crime is a vegan friendly beauty line that is also animal friendly, meaning none of their products are tested on animals.

Named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Doe Deere seeks to inspire other entrepreneurial women via Instagram and other social media platforms, as well as mentorships. She wants to encourage her followers, “unicorns”, as she calls them, to embrace their inner weirdness and love who they are. One way to do this is to express themselves using the vibrant colors available in her make-up line. Doe Deere’s love of color is evident even in her own morning make-up routine- her favorite part of doing her make-up is blush and lipstick as it gives her the chance to add color to her face.

Doe Deere choose the name Lime Crime when she was setting up an E-bay site, based off of her love of the bright color, “lime”. The make-up line was one of the first beauty brands to focus on online sales. Though she was told this would not be successful venture as women like to try out their make up in person, Doe Deere saw the opportunity to use the online market to sell her unique line, and she has seen tremendous success. Being a company that is mainly based on line gives Doe Deere the opportunity to get immediate feedback from her supporters via social media platforms.

As make-up is her business, Doe Deere loves doing her make-up in the morning- it’s her time to herself before heading to the office. She also enjoys spending times with her three cats, showcasing her love of animals that lead to her line being certified cruelty free. Once at Lime Crime headquarters, Doe Deere becomes Jane of all trades as she talks with her team- she handles whatever department needs attention, be it social marketing, coming up with new, creative ideas, or working on the actual products.

Having run a successful business for some time now, Doe Deere is no stranger to people who seek to bring her down.

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