Jeremy Goldstein and His Strong Will to Help Others with Legal Issues

People who are deep in legal matters should hire legal counsel to assist them with the situation. According to a recent survey, one of the biggest problems that people have with finding an attorney is the cost. Another issue is that most of the attorney has high consultation fees that make it harder for people to decide which one to choose. To overcome this problem, Madison County Courier has started an online service according to which people can find a lawyer easily and that too at low first consultation fee. A person needs to enter some information about their legal situation, and what kind of help they require and they will receive a list of available lawyers at that time. There is no obligation on the person to hire them, and they can pick the one that they think will be best for them.



One of the lawyers in New York that has been a gift for this initiative is Jeremy Goldstein. He has always been against overcharging clients, and this was the main reason why he left a large firm to start his boutique law firm. He was hired by a large law firm right after he graduated in law from the New York University. After working for the company for a few years, he did not like the way the clients were treated and being overcharged. It was then; he decided to do something of his own. He then started Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates that is among the top law firms in the country.



Even though he is always busy serving his clients, he still takes out time to serve the community that he works in. He is part of many non-profit organizations in the city and abroad. He goes beyond his call of duty to ensure that he is able to do whatever he can to help others in difficult situations.

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