Madison Street Capital Collaborates with ARES

Madison Street Capital is a company working in the field of investment banking. The company operates internationally. Recently the firm acted as the leading financial advisor for a company called ARES Security Corporation. The Madison Street Capital supported the debt investment for ARES. The partnership was highly advantageous for both parties. Reginald McGaugh, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, spoke very favourably of the collaboration with ARES. Finding a suitable financial partner for the giant was no easy task, but Madison Street Capital enjoys challenges and views them as a good way to expand on their skill set and to achieve new heights as a team. That perspective on the partnership greatly impressed the President of Ares Security Ben Eazzetta. In a recent interview, he talked about how he was smitten with the capital raising process of Madison Street Capital. The newly established structure of capital has given ARES Security Corporation a burst of excitement about the future. Both parties are extremely pleased with the results of the partnership. Corbel Structured Equity Partners are a great fit for Ares.



Madison Street Capital is an international firm. It has been in business for almost a decade. The company provides expertise in acquisitions and merger, it provides counselling services on all things that have to do with corporate finance, and it also evaluates both private and public businesses and organisations. Madison Street Capital has the purpose of leading their clients on the road to global success in the international marketplace. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of diligence and trust between the company and the customers.



ARES Security Corporation is a European company based in Vienna. It is a leading giant in the field of security software. The company provides software that sports a very complex system. Their services are utilised by some of the largest institutions in the world.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners came to be in the last months of 2013. The company works with clients internationally and manages more than a $100 million in capital. Corbel Structured Equity Partners also makes non-control investments in a significant number of businesses and organisations that are mostly from the lower middle-market and are a private business in nature. They know how to strategize.


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