WAX, A revolutionization within the virtual trade market (lead by Malcolm CasSelle)

The two largest issues when it comes to virtual asset markets is fragmentation and fraud. With the introduction of WAX Tokens, players will have the ability to freely convert their in-game assets to the WAX currency. Because of WAX’s blockchain method, the token is a common currency which gamers can use across all platforms for no hassle trading. In addition, WAX uses what are called “smart contracts” in order to guarantee delivery of an asset to the buyer as well as payment to the seller. By eliminating any intermediary or “middle man”, WAX has a solution to the ongoing fraud dilemma within the virtual asset market.
OPSkins is the number one place to be if you’re looking to buy or sell virtual assets in video games. As the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle is considered, by many, an expert in the field of video game asset exchange. Malcolm’s past has been filled with glorified management positions throughout various companies like Timeline Labs and trying (formerly Tribune Publishing). On top of that, Malcolm CasSelle led a few startups such as MediaPass and Xfire. Both of which are extremely successful within their markets.
With experience and expertise like Malcom CasSelle’s, it is hard to ask for a better candidate to run an asset exchange company. Merging Malcolm’s success within the market for bitcoin with his undeniable expertise, the future of WAX will undeniably be a success story. There is no doubt in my mind that this Stanford grad will be leaving a huge impression on the virtual exchange market. Looking at his successful investments in startups like Facebook and Bitcoin, the prosperity of WAX is inevitable. And Malcolm CasSelle will be riding the wave of fraud and stress free virtual asset trading all the way to the top of the market.

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