Damac Group President and CEO Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the President and CEO of Damac Group, a real estate development firm known for luxury condos and upscale properties including golf courses branded by President Donald Trump. The Real estate tycoon and billionaire Sajwani did not start out in the property development business, however. His business roots actually lie in food service, where he became known for his excellent business model in working with the American Military. He gained a reputation as a man that anyone would be lucky to work with, and formed relationships that lasted long term.


When it comes to client relations, the practices that Sajwani learned as he first started practicing business taught him a great deal. He has excelled at forming strong bonds with the people that he works with in business. Sajwani said that he enjoyed working in food service, and even still retains a food service portion to the Damac Group operations. However, Damac Group has grown well beyond food service. Sajwani had dreams of becoming a billionaire, and the food service industry was not giving him the margins or profit that he wished to see. In 2002, he moved into real estate, and started big right away. This lead to incredible deals as his business grew. He was buying up underdeveloped property in Dubai and marketing it in a unique way that incorporated international sales. At that time, Dubai had recently changed laws regarding international owners of Dubai property, and Sajwani saw an excellent opportunity.


The Damac owner has used marketing techniques that highlight his properties as luxury products, such as offering a free Bentley with the sale of a top of the line apartment. These marketing techniques have given him a name and reputation in the industry as a man whose firm sells top of the line products to the worlds rich and famous. The glamorous reputation of Dubai has been built in part to the Hussain Sajwani family contribution. They are celebrities of Dubai, and have been known to be close friends with the Trump family, which only increases their celebrity status. Recently, the Sajwani family was seen at the President Elect’s New Years Eve celebration in Florida.


Follow the DAMAC owner on Instagram @hussainsajwani.


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