Squaw Valley Management Professionally Handles Water Contamination Issue

Squaw Valley has been hit with an unforeseen problem: water contamination due to a storm. In October 2016, a storm had hit one of the facility’s newer water supply systems, thus contaminating it. While contamination by storm is oftentimes unlikely, management has taken immediate action to resolve the issue. Safety of its patrons are the highest priority, and management has culminated an appropriate response to the issue that will resolve it within a short amount of time.

Immediately after contamination, Squaw Valley has contacted water safety experts that provided professional consultation on the matter that has greatly aided in resolving the issue at hand. This information has provided Squaw Valley with insight on the matter, and thus began contacting local agencies for assistance. Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District have begun aiding the Squaw Valley Ski lodge to receive positive results in solving this ongoing issue of water contamination.

Fortunately, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities at Squaw Valley Ski Lodge during this time. However, patrons are warned about the water contamination and are told not to consume it under any circumstances due to health risks. Squaw Valley management will instead give free bottled water during this time to ensure that its’ customers have drinking water while regular access to the facility’s water remains prohibited.

Squaw Valley management has taken the appropriate steps in resolving the issue, and thus will continue to work for its’ patrons’ safety during this time. Customer safety is of utmost priority to Squaw Valley, and they will continue to preserve this ideal as they work diligently to fix this ongoing issue.


Madison Street Capital Collaborates with ARES

Madison Street Capital is a company working in the field of investment banking. The company operates internationally. Recently the firm acted as the leading financial advisor for a company called ARES Security Corporation. The Madison Street Capital supported the debt investment for ARES. The partnership was highly advantageous for both parties. Reginald McGaugh, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, spoke very favourably of the collaboration with ARES. Finding a suitable financial partner for the giant was no easy task, but Madison Street Capital enjoys challenges and views them as a good way to expand on their skill set and to achieve new heights as a team. That perspective on the partnership greatly impressed the President of Ares Security Ben Eazzetta. In a recent interview, he talked about how he was smitten with the capital raising process of Madison Street Capital. The newly established structure of capital has given ARES Security Corporation a burst of excitement about the future. Both parties are extremely pleased with the results of the partnership. Corbel Structured Equity Partners are a great fit for Ares.



Madison Street Capital is an international firm. It has been in business for almost a decade. The company provides expertise in acquisitions and merger, it provides counselling services on all things that have to do with corporate finance, and it also evaluates both private and public businesses and organisations. Madison Street Capital has the purpose of leading their clients on the road to global success in the international marketplace. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of diligence and trust between the company and the customers.



ARES Security Corporation is a European company based in Vienna. It is a leading giant in the field of security software. The company provides software that sports a very complex system. Their services are utilised by some of the largest institutions in the world.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners came to be in the last months of 2013. The company works with clients internationally and manages more than a $100 million in capital. Corbel Structured Equity Partners also makes non-control investments in a significant number of businesses and organisations that are mostly from the lower middle-market and are a private business in nature. They know how to strategize.


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The Amazing Rate of Growth for the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Brand of Bottled Water

It often takes a lot of ingenuity to start a new business in a field that is already flooded with brand name companies. This is exactly the type of situation that prompted Ryan Emmons to take action. Even though the market for bottled water was already inundated with many brand name labels, he still saw an opportunity for growth.

The angle this 22-year old entrepreneur decided to take primarily focused on creating socially acceptable components. His drive and belief in what he could do led him to create the now well-known brand of Waiakea  water.

Hitting the Mark

Young Ryan Emmons definitely hit the mark with the strategies he decided to use in launching his new brand of bottled water. Choosing to focus on areas that held more meaning for the people who drank bottled water, Mr. Emmons decided to market it as an all natural water with health benefits and environmentally-friendly packaging.

The company’s growth analysis shows how well this strategy has paid off with the sales of the Waiakea water brand having increased at a staggering annual rate of 170 percent since its inception in 2012. The sales of cases went from 2,304 in the company’s first year to a whopping 122,400 now sold annually in their third year of business.

According to Specialty Food, as a naturally sustainable water, Waiakea water comes from a pristine environment inside the rain forest region of Hawaii. It is actually sourced from a natural spring at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano.

Specialty Food reported that before being captured at the Waiakea springs, the water starts out as rain and snow falling on the peaks of the volcano where it gradually makes its way through a natural aquafier that helps filter out impurities. The manufacturing of this water is designed to use renewable energy with about 25 percent of it coming from geothermal sources.

It is also placed inside recyclable plastic bottles made with 100 percent RPET plastic. These bottles also help preserve the environment by requiring less energy to manufacture and emitting significantly less carbon.

Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable

Utilizing The Program By Securus Technologies is a Great Option For Law Enforcement

If you’ve had difficulty in communicating with someone who may be in jail, then it may be recommended for you to see what Securus Technologies can offer you. It is a great tool that allows people to stay in touch even if one of the parties of the conversation is currently incarcerated in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies has designed a program that allows individuals to talk with one another in a face-to-face situation over the utilization of computer devices in a video conferencing method. Although other programs exist to conduct such forms of communication, it is important to know that this program is one of its kind. It allows people to participate in video conferencing forms of communications even when one of the parties of the communications that is occurring is in jail. It eliminates the needs of scheduling sessions of visitation in which the visitors are required to schedule appointments in which they are required to travel to the facilities. Such scheduling options have often been known to be difficult and lengthy as jails are often so busy that scheduling conflicts occur. Securus Technologies eliminates the needs of scheduling for physical instances of visitation as the visitor can comfortable chat with the inmate through the means of video chatting with the program.


Securus Technologies has also had a great part in uncovering certain instances of crimes that have occurred in the jails, thus, making it a great option for law enforcement agencies to uncover the crimes that often go unnoticed. When the communications occurs between the inmate and their visitor(s), law enforcement officials has access to the video conferencing session and can utilize any pertinent data that may be discussed within them as evidence that may be reason enough to begin an investigation that could potentially stop or uncover a crime.