Staffing Mogul Brian Torchin Brings a New Flavor to Recruitment

Brian Torchin the Chiropractor

A humble beginning in Exercise Science helped Brian to further his expertise in the medical field, by obtaining a degree in Chiropractic Care. Over the years, Brian has opened and managed multiple medical facilities throughout Pennsylvania, Florida and Delaware.  He used his knowledge to form what is now, a global recruiting company known as the Health Care Recruitment Counselors or HCRC.


HCRC’s motto, “We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our healthcare solutions,”(HCRC, 2014). Going the extra mile means everything to Brian and his staff at HCRC. They offer night and extended weekend hours to provide their clients with top-notch staffing solutions.

According to Lulu, Brian Torchin is the current owner and president of HCRC and believes in being reachable at all times.

Brian Torchin and the Global Outreach

Due to social media, HCRC and Brain Torchin are able to maintain a global outlook for medical staffing. Through Facebook, Brian  has made a demanding presence in new recruitment through the internet. HCRC Staffing has also utilized the Twitter network, to bring current job openings throughout the country into one place. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian also holds an active LinkedIn account in blog posts on what it means to have an accurately staffed medical office and the importance of understanding the inter-workings of a staffing agency.

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