Former Israeli Envoy Daniel Taub’s Visit To Israel-Free Zone In England

Daniel Taub, the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, ended his diplomatic tenure in 2015 and said his goodbye to the queen before he left. Actually, he was born in England but being of Jewish descent, he elected to change his citizenship and migrated to Israel.

He eventually became its envoy to the UK. He used his early experiences and training in Britain to the advantage of his motherland and this resulted in the doubling of the trade between his country and the UK during his tenure.

This could probably be the greatest contribution of the former Israeli Ambassador to the enduring relationship between the two countries.

Taub was born and raised in England in a family of Orthodox Jews. As such, he did not have a problem of migrating to Israel. By virtue of his being educated and trained in the UK, his entry into the Israeli diplomatic corps must have been just a natural consequence. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

He admitted that he feels privileged that he is able to go to his chosen country to raise his family. But he discounts the view of his detractors that say he is just an envoy to England’s Anglo-Jewry. He still believes though, that England’s Jewish community is important and looks at his diplomatic tenure as very critical in building the bridge between the two countries.

For instance, there was a time when he visited Bradford City during his tenure as Israeli Ambassador to Britain. George Galloway, Bradford MP, had previously declared in a speech that the constituency is an “Israel-free zone” and that no tourists, academics, good or services should be allowed from this country.

But Taub visited the city anyway proving that there are also some people there who welcome Israeli and what this country could offer.

He went there by invitation within the community amidst tight security. After the visit, Taub said that he was surprised to know that there were different attitudes about Israel contrary to what Galloway was promoting.

As a result of his visit, he developed the opinion that Galloway does not represent the real voice of Bradford. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

At present, Taub is now working as Yad Hanadiv foundation’s Director of Strategy and Planning in Israel. He started his diplomatic work in the UK in 2011 and relinquished his post in 2015.

He was educated in Oxford, England at its University College. He also studied at Harvard University in the Kennedy School of Government. He migrated to Israel after completing his studies in 1989.

An Interesting Time for Information Technology

Securus Technologies is a high end and well-known information technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company was originally created in order to offer communications support to security personnel but quickly expanded to meet the needs of prison inmates and their families. Having prisoners as your main customer base offers a number of challenges, one of which is being able to collect monthly subscription fees from clients. Many families who rely on Securus do not have functional bank accounts or credit cards, with usual life hardships to blame. In order to further support their clients and give them the ability to pay more frequently, Securus Technologies has decided to spend some additional money and purchase online financial sensation GovPayNet.


GovPayNet has been around for a decent period of time and has supported such online storefronts as eBay and Amazon, to name a few. Their usefulness lies in the fact that they offer multiple forms of payment for their customers. This means that instead of simply offering a credit card as a payment method a customer can decide to use a credit card, or a prepaid credit card, checking account, PayPal, or other similar methods. This is great news for Securus customers and will certainly alter the way that the company does business in the future.


For more information on this exciting transition please click the following link:


Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Introduces World to Live Meetings Software

The push for innovation within the video marketing field is cutthroat and always moving forward. That is why companies like Talk Fusion rarely take a break between announcing new marketing solutions and starting to work on their new ones. Learn more about Bob Reina: and

Talk Fusion is a video marketing and communication solutions company based out of Tampa, FL and they have been in the industry for almost a decade now.

Bob Reina founded the company and has been the CEO ever since. He came up with his first product, the Video Email application, over a decade ago and since then things have continually looked up.

Now, Talk Fusion is in the news for their work on the updated edition of their Live Meetings application.

Live Meetings, as explained by Bob Reina, is a new piece of software that can fundamentally change the way that large companies approach networking via video.

The Live Meetings application is developed on an WebRTC system which means that users don’t have to have special software, add-ons, or downloadable content in order to join the video feed. Live Meetings can handle up to 500 viewers at a time while up to 15 hosts rotate in and out as the lead in the conferencing session. The application was developed for tablets, PC’s, and smartphones and is as accessible as you could want it to be.

The pull for Live Meetings, again as explained by Bob Reina, is that it reduces the friction between users and the message that a company may be trying to pass on.

Rather than having users fight with software or odd interfaces, they are merely directed toward a clickable link that’ll work across brands and devices on a number of different platforms. Giving companies the ability to easily and seamlessly share this kind of video is a success story that not many companies can tout.

Talk Fusion is coming off of a remarkable year with their other products, including their award-winning Video Chat application.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page are always pushing their work to the next level and Live Meetings no doubt encapsulates that effort.

Trade Relations Impactful With Daniel Taub As Israeli Ambassador

Israeli Ambassador, Daniel Taub, is leaving trade relations between Israel and the United Kingdom in a much more equitable and bountiful state than it was when he originally was assigned to the position 4 years ago; as it’s recently been announced that he’s resigning as the Israeli Ambassador of the UK.


Daniel Taub’s 4 year tenure as an Israeli Ambassador of the UK saw the trade between Israel and the UK double, creating a more established relationship strengthened through academics, businesses and a blend of both cultures. Deemed as the “golden era” by British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Sajid Javid, when he was speaking at the British Israeli Business Awards, Israeli businesses in the UK have increased to more than 300 and the annual bilateral trade has risen to over $5.5 billion, according to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce.


Experience on the job is unmeasurable, as Taub reflects on one particular key learning moment, where he traveled to Northern Ireland with a Palestinian comrad, serving as a peacemaker.


Another instance occurred in 2012, where Taub sensed tension and potential hostility brewing on college campuses throughout Britain, due to an impending boycott of Israel. Taub spoke out in attempt to calm the quarrels, hoping that, “that every view, including those supportive of Israel, can be expressed freely and without fear of intimidation.”


In 2014, Bradford representative to the parliament, George Galloway, proclaimed the city was an “Israel-free zone”. In response, Taub courageously visited Bradford, showing solidarity among British citizens who felt that Galloway’s comment was not true and morally unjust.


Taub was born in the UK and had been UK’s Israeli Ambassador since 2011. Learn more:


Born in 1962, Daniel Taub is also known for being an Israeli diplomat, international lawyer and writer. Graduating from the University College in Oxford, the University College in London and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Daniel Taub has worked in several legal and diplomacy positions. Taub has served in the Israel Defense Forces(IDF) as a combat medic and reserve officer in their international law division, and for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. Currently, Daniel Taub is the Director of Strategy and Planning at the Yad Hanadiv foundation.


Unique Marketing Strategies Behind The Triple-Digit Growth Of Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing active women’s apparel business in 2017. The online subscription brand makes an estimated $250 million selling sexy, functional, comfortable and affordable workout outfits and collections. For a measly cost of just $19 per month, the one million plus VIP members receive tailor-made workout outfits suggestions and recommendations straight to their inbox.


Fabletics’ mission has forever remained to be, ‘Live Your Passion’. The successful fashion brand is a brainchild project of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and Kate Hudson.


The marketing brains of Kate Hudson have probably done more to boost the sales and the image of the brand than any other strategy used by the founders. One day sometime in 2013, Kate Hudson finally decided to bid goodbye to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The globally acclaimed model and celebrity gave up promoting movies to launch her very own high-end fashion line. Kate’s bold risks paid off brilliantly.


Kate’s Involvements


According to, Kate has been instrumental in developing the social media strategy at the company. She’s been actively involved in the designing process of the awe-inspiring apparel with the line. Kate Hudson acts closely with the brands’ sales team to ensure the right inventory gets loaded online. has Demi Lovato confesses her undying love for Kates’ products. Demi Lovato is one of the several inspirational and influential women who have come on board the Fabletics family as brand ambassadors. Kate Hudson has had the best investment strategists helping her run Fabletics.


BBB Top Rating


Fabletics’ President, Gregg Throgmartin told Forbes about the daunting challenges his company faced in their early days. Throgmartin recalls how the brand had to postpone the official launch for a whopping six months after receiving an inferior quality first order. Fabletics never compromises when it comes to providing superior quality goods and services to their esteemed clients, Gregg went ahead to note. No wonder, the brand has maintained a top rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau for the second year in a row. Here’s a link to the brands’ lifestyle quiz. Attempt the simple test and quiz and, in so doing, help Kate and her friends in picking out the best items for you.


Success Recipe of Fabletics


Fabletics didn’t have to develop a social media marketing strategy and recruit an able staff from scratch. They just borrowed a leaf from the marketing research findings of its parent firm, TechStyle Fashion Group and they were good to go. Additionally, the brand had the advantage of being owned by wealthy investors with more than enough finances to get Fabletics up and running right away.


The online subscription brand made eCommerce history by posting growth figures of 644% in a year. The company has a unique data collection system that helps them to match their VIP members with clothes they would love. Here’s an insightful article on the rest of the ingenious marketing strategies behind the unprecedented success of Kate’s fashion line.


Power of Customer Reviews


Another winning strategy at TechStyles Fashion Group involves the use of positive reviews to drive up sales and improve the brand’s online reputation. Learn more about how the power of the crowd has played a critical role in the astonishing growth of this athleisure brand.

Equities First Holdings Is On The Fast Track To Being Number 1

Equities First Holdings has been doing things the right way for a long time now since its inception in 2002.The company has always had a way of creating new and fantastic ways of doing business with their customers and with this way of doing things it has helped to garner even more business on a wider scale than anyone could have ever imagined when they first started out.The company has also prided themselves in being able to find ways to help businesses and individuals who might happen to be in need of a loan and this is why more people are turning to them for help.


US Money Reserve Comes Through for Hurricane Victims

The US Money Reserve is a precious metals dealer with an extensive range of expertise and experience with which they serve their customers. In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, they found a new way to serve those affected by the storm as they partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to raise money. Throughout the month of September, they matched all donations to the Relief Network and raised a total of $219,622.

Angela Koch is the CEO of US Money Reserve and she indicated that they felt compelled to help as the storm impacted so many and could have landed anywhere. Also, many of their employees and customers were affected by the hurricane which lent a greater urgency to get involved and be a part of the solution. She relayed that a sense of patriotism was a factor and gave high praise to the Austin Disaster Relief Network for their timely work.

The damage done by Harvey was wide-ranging and the resources necessary to rebuild will be considerable. The funds raised by the joint operation will go directly to storm victims who are spread throughout the Texas Gulf Coast Region. Learn more:

The Executive Director of the Austin Disaster Relief Network is Daniel Geraci and he was grateful to have a partner like US Money Reserve and detailed that many lives would be positively impacted by the funds. He also brought attention to their generosity and other companies like them.

The devastation that was wrought by Hurricane Harvey was extraordinary and illustrated what a Category Four storm can do. It made landfall on three separate occasions within a span of six days and also brought with it two feet of rain which flooded much of Houston. 39,000 people were forced to flee their homes to avoid the rising water and many shelters were overwhelmed by the needs of those so impacted.

US Money Reserve is a Texas-based company and they have offices in Austin, Beaumont, and Houston. They are one of the nation’s largest dealers in gold, silver and platinum coins that are government-issued. They were founded in 2001 and have enjoyed stellar rates of growth ever since.

The market experts that US Money Reserve employs are renowned for their abilities and are able to secure products with the highest potential for profit. Their excellent customer service helps them cultivate long-lasting relationships with their clients as they go the extra mile for them. Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru and the Growth of the Sweetgreen

While still students at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. finding a healthy place to have meals was a daunting task for Nathaniel Ru and most of his college friends. They thought of starting one in a tavern on M Street. After only six years, Sweetgreen, the name of the eatery they had started had grown and opened 21 other stores. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia and Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

After discovering that their landlord at the tavern place had another property at the corner, they called her and she finally agreed to meet with them. Although the three friends were not yet through with their college education, the landlord allowed them to look for business backers and develop the real plan. Since then, Sweetgreen has opened stores in Washington, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Uniqueness at Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen relies on local farmers and purveyors for the supply of most of the ingredients. Unlike many places that just offer their products, Sweetgreen give its clients a reason to consume their products.

The founders of the company were first concerned about “why” in determining what to produce. According to Theresa Dold, the company’s head of digital marketing, most people buy a product because of how it is produced. Read more:

Each Sweetgreen store relies on the core values of the organization. A shop should serve the local community and not a given corporate giant. In every decision that is made, the interests of the company, clients, and the community must be considered. There should be consideration of the long-term effect of every decision taken.

Nathaniel Ru adds that the company tries to ‘keep its real.’ Originality must be observed when dealing with employees, clients, and suppliers. When employees give their best, the customers feel happy and tell their other friends helping in the growth of the company.

Sweetgreen and Music

In 2009, the company opened a new store near Dupont Circle area in Washington. Despite the strategic location of the company, the first two weeks passed without a customer. The company started playing music on weekends. They were giving a reason for customers to come to their store. It was a product of the “why” idea.

Who is Nathaniel Ru?

Nathaniel Ru is best known in the fast-casual dining industry. Together with longtime college friends Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, they founded Sweetgreen, a chain that serves high-quality salads to its clients in 2007. The company has grown to over 77 stores around America and has employed over 3,500.

Ru has remained determined to decentralize the operations of the company’s restaurants. He wants to each store more self-dependent. A single headquarter should not be relied on for the dispensation of the company’s policy.

NewsWatch TV Review by Avanca Marketing Director

Nathaniel Van Wijkvliet, the Avanca Marketing Director in an interview with the NewsWatch TV reporter when questioned about the feeling he had of working with the TV, she said that it was a great experience, their team was also great and she was also impressed with the support which was good. She went ahead to praise the interview, mentioning that it was excellent. It is her recommendations for people to work with NewsWatch team.

According to the crowd funding campaign, Avanca was able to raise 29 times more than what they had estimated and their director attributed the success to NewsWatch which played a crucial role in the campaign. During the campaign, more than 96 million people were reached in the United States. The campaign was also able to receive more than 1 million impressions online. Avanca continues to work with NewsWatch in other campaigns.

NewsWatch TV normally lasts for 30 minutes on a weekly basis that covers over than 200 markets in the U.S. It has its headquarters in Washington, DC. Other offices are located in VA, New York City, Denver, and Fairfax. It is owned by the Bridge communications, a company that deals with video production and communication. It utilizes the AMC and ION Network. NewsWatch began its operation in 1989 and so far it has been able to air over than 1000 episodes. The NewsWatch TV content is wide covering a number of subjects that includes new product on the market, health, fashion, consumers and business issues, travel and tourism among others.

The NewsWatch TV has held many celebrities, just to mention but a few, Julianne, Carrie Underwood, and Ted Danson among others. Also, a number of famous companies have been on the show in last year. They include Bounty, American Heart Association, Toyota, Legos, and Ford.

The Future of Fashion by Academy of Art University

It is a private school located in the United States, State of California, San Francisco. This school was started in 1929 under the name Academy of Advertising Art. It boasts of 283 full-time teachers, 1154 part-time staffs and 12000 students claiming to be the largest art school in the United States. The school’s main campus is situated on New Montgomery Street.

The founder was Richard Stephens who was replaced by his son Richard A and whose daughter took over in 1992 Elisa Stephens.

Back in the year 2005, the University launched the New York fashion week event twice per year. They have their own bus fleet transporting students between classrooms and dorms in various locations in San Francisco.

It was accredited by the Western Association of schools and colleges in 2007. It provides courses in interior architecture and design, bachelor and masters of fine arts degrees, master of architecture degree and bachelor of architecture. It also offers associate degrees for undergraduate and master level. These courses are offered online.

The university runs the academy of art university automobile museum. Some of its vintage cars are world’s rarest and most valuable. Forbes values the 200 cars in the collection to over $70 million. The university owns half of the cars in the museum, and the other half belongs to the Stephens family.

It has athletic sports team: Urban Knights that compete as members of the Pacific West conference in different sports. The men’s team had the second position in the 2014-2015 season while the women’s team had a record of being in the fourth position.

The New York fashion week is the platform which the university uses to launch great talents into the limelight. The school held the 21st showcase on September 9, 2017. The recent BFA and MFA graduates made two men’s’ wear and five women’s’ wear. The audience was impressed by the range of ideas made by the graduates. The graduates from this school have used PVC in their design yet applied creativity and inspiration from different sources. These are the designers who will influence the future of fashion