The Amazing Rate of Growth for the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Brand of Bottled Water

It often takes a lot of ingenuity to start a new business in a field that is already flooded with brand name companies. This is exactly the type of situation that prompted Ryan Emmons to take action. Even though the market for bottled water was already inundated with many brand name labels, he still saw an opportunity for growth.

The angle this 22-year old entrepreneur decided to take primarily focused on creating socially acceptable components. His drive and belief in what he could do led him to create the now well-known brand of Waiakea  water.

Hitting the Mark

Young Ryan Emmons definitely hit the mark with the strategies he decided to use in launching his new brand of bottled water. Choosing to focus on areas that held more meaning for the people who drank bottled water, Mr. Emmons decided to market it as an all natural water with health benefits and environmentally-friendly packaging.

The company’s growth analysis shows how well this strategy has paid off with the sales of the Waiakea water brand having increased at a staggering annual rate of 170 percent since its inception in 2012. The sales of cases went from 2,304 in the company’s first year to a whopping 122,400 now sold annually in their third year of business.

According to Specialty Food, as a naturally sustainable water, Waiakea water comes from a pristine environment inside the rain forest region of Hawaii. It is actually sourced from a natural spring at the base of the Mauna Loa volcano.

Specialty Food reported that before being captured at the Waiakea springs, the water starts out as rain and snow falling on the peaks of the volcano where it gradually makes its way through a natural aquafier that helps filter out impurities. The manufacturing of this water is designed to use renewable energy with about 25 percent of it coming from geothermal sources.

It is also placed inside recyclable plastic bottles made with 100 percent RPET plastic. These bottles also help preserve the environment by requiring less energy to manufacture and emitting significantly less carbon.

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