Unique Marketing Strategies Behind The Triple-Digit Growth Of Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing active women’s apparel business in 2017. The online subscription brand makes an estimated $250 million selling sexy, functional, comfortable and affordable workout outfits and collections. For a measly cost of just $19 per month, the one million plus VIP members receive tailor-made workout outfits suggestions and recommendations straight to their inbox.


Fabletics’ mission has forever remained to be, ‘Live Your Passion’. The successful fashion brand is a brainchild project of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and Kate Hudson.


The marketing brains of Kate Hudson have probably done more to boost the sales and the image of the brand than any other strategy used by the founders. One day sometime in 2013, Kate Hudson finally decided to bid goodbye to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The globally acclaimed model and celebrity gave up promoting movies to launch her very own high-end fashion line. Kate’s bold risks paid off brilliantly.


Kate’s Involvements


According to Forbes.com, Kate has been instrumental in developing the social media strategy at the company. She’s been actively involved in the designing process of the awe-inspiring apparel with the line. Kate Hudson acts closely with the brands’ sales team to ensure the right inventory gets loaded online.


Forbes.com has Demi Lovato confesses her undying love for Kates’ products. Demi Lovato is one of the several inspirational and influential women who have come on board the Fabletics family as brand ambassadors. Kate Hudson has had the best investment strategists helping her run Fabletics.


BBB Top Rating


Fabletics’ President, Gregg Throgmartin told Forbes about the daunting challenges his company faced in their early days. Throgmartin recalls how the brand had to postpone the official launch for a whopping six months after receiving an inferior quality first order. Fabletics never compromises when it comes to providing superior quality goods and services to their esteemed clients, Gregg went ahead to note. No wonder, the brand has maintained a top rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau for the second year in a row. Here’s a link to the brands’ lifestyle quiz. Attempt the simple test and quiz and, in so doing, help Kate and her friends in picking out the best items for you.


Success Recipe of Fabletics


Fabletics didn’t have to develop a social media marketing strategy and recruit an able staff from scratch. They just borrowed a leaf from the marketing research findings of its parent firm, TechStyle Fashion Group and they were good to go. Additionally, the brand had the advantage of being owned by wealthy investors with more than enough finances to get Fabletics up and running right away.


The online subscription brand made eCommerce history by posting growth figures of 644% in a year. The company has a unique data collection system that helps them to match their VIP members with clothes they would love. Here’s an insightful article on the rest of the ingenious marketing strategies behind the unprecedented success of Kate’s fashion line.


Power of Customer Reviews


Another winning strategy at TechStyles Fashion Group involves the use of positive reviews to drive up sales and improve the brand’s online reputation. Learn more about how the power of the crowd has played a critical role in the astonishing growth of this athleisure brand.