The Traveling Vineyard Continues to Create Jobs

People keep away from multilevel marketing businesses for a reason, they hardly deliver what they promise. What they do is make you buy their products and get stuck with them because no one really has use for them. But the Traveling Vineyard business is different. Yes, they use the same direct selling method, but it is what they sell that makes the business viable. Besides, everyone loves wines. So if you have heard about the Traveling Vineyard and thought less of it, then think again. It is a fun way of helping you earn money, whether you have no job or have a full time or part-time job.

The Traveling Vineyard was founded some 15 years ago. Traveling Vineyard aimed at creating jobs for people who love wine. So, the business began out of what was a passion to financially empower people. The company has now grown to employ over 1,000 wine guides, sourced from over 4o states and operating in all the 31 states that allow direct selling.

Joining The Traveling Vineyard

If you heard about the Traveing Vineyard through a wine guide for the company, then you will be hooked up with that guide. If not, the company finds a guide near your area. The guides will mentor you and will even allow you attend their events so you can learn the ropes.

Once you have signed up, you will be required to pay $189 for the success. This is basically the lowest startup capital that any business could need. With the $189, you get everything that will help you be successful in this business. You will get 10 bottles of wine, which would be worth $150. Then you will get wine equipment and accessories worth $115. The equipment include wine glasses and a carry box, and a wine carrier. Also, you get brochures and flyers to help you with your marketing.

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Benefits of Being a Wine Guide

Flexibility – Wine guides plan their own schedules, so that are always in control. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard does not have any limit bars for the amount of wine that should be sold and guides can withdraw whenever they want without any penalties.

Making MoneyBeing a wine guide is an excellent way of making money on the side or full time. You get a 20% commission on your sales. So, if your marketing skills are top notch, this business could make you rich.