The Future of Fashion by Academy of Art University

It is a private school located in the United States, State of California, San Francisco. This school was started in 1929 under the name Academy of Advertising Art. It boasts of 283 full-time teachers, 1154 part-time staffs and 12000 students claiming to be the largest art school in the United States. The school’s main campus is situated on New Montgomery Street.

The founder was Richard Stephens who was replaced by his son Richard A and whose daughter took over in 1992 Elisa Stephens.

Back in the year 2005, the University launched the New York fashion week event twice per year. They have their own bus fleet transporting students between classrooms and dorms in various locations in San Francisco.

It was accredited by the Western Association of schools and colleges in 2007. It provides courses in interior architecture and design, bachelor and masters of fine arts degrees, master of architecture degree and bachelor of architecture. It also offers associate degrees for undergraduate and master level. These courses are offered online.

The university runs the academy of art university automobile museum. Some of its vintage cars are world’s rarest and most valuable. Forbes values the 200 cars in the collection to over $70 million. The university owns half of the cars in the museum, and the other half belongs to the Stephens family.

It has athletic sports team: Urban Knights that compete as members of the Pacific West conference in different sports. The men’s team had the second position in the 2014-2015 season while the women’s team had a record of being in the fourth position.

The New York fashion week is the platform which the university uses to launch great talents into the limelight. The school held the 21st showcase on September 9, 2017. The recent BFA and MFA graduates made two men’s’ wear and five women’s’ wear. The audience was impressed by the range of ideas made by the graduates. The graduates from this school have used PVC in their design yet applied creativity and inspiration from different sources. These are the designers who will influence the future of fashion

Squaw Valley Management Professionally Handles Water Contamination Issue

Squaw Valley has been hit with an unforeseen problem: water contamination due to a storm. In October 2016, a storm had hit one of the facility’s newer water supply systems, thus contaminating it. While contamination by storm is oftentimes unlikely, management has taken immediate action to resolve the issue. Safety of its patrons are the highest priority, and management has culminated an appropriate response to the issue that will resolve it within a short amount of time.

Immediately after contamination, Squaw Valley has contacted water safety experts that provided professional consultation on the matter that has greatly aided in resolving the issue at hand. This information has provided Squaw Valley with insight on the matter, and thus began contacting local agencies for assistance. Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District have begun aiding the Squaw Valley Ski lodge to receive positive results in solving this ongoing issue of water contamination.

Fortunately, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities at Squaw Valley Ski Lodge during this time. However, patrons are warned about the water contamination and are told not to consume it under any circumstances due to health risks. Squaw Valley management will instead give free bottled water during this time to ensure that its’ customers have drinking water while regular access to the facility’s water remains prohibited.

Squaw Valley management has taken the appropriate steps in resolving the issue, and thus will continue to work for its’ patrons’ safety during this time. Customer safety is of utmost priority to Squaw Valley, and they will continue to preserve this ideal as they work diligently to fix this ongoing issue.