Mike Baur: Providing Training And Support For Young Swiss Entrepreneurs

Businessman Mike Baur has a serious interest in helping young Swiss entrepreneurs. He feels they are vital to the country’s future economic growth. To help these entrepreneurs develop the necessary business skills and gain access to the resources they need, in 2014 he got together with his friends Max Meister and Oliver Walzer and started Swiss Start Up Factory. A new business incubator, the company offers an intensive three-month program. The program prepares the new business owners to successfully overcome the many challenges their young companies are like to face.


Mike Baur knows what it’s like to have a business dream come true. Ever since he was very young, he always wanted to work in banking and finance. As a teenager he completed MBA programs at Universität Bern and the University of Rochester. Baur accepted an entry level position with UBS and spent the next 20 years working in some of Switzerland’s top financial institutions. That included serving as a wealth manager at Clariden Leu and being elected to the board of a major Swiss bank. Baur wanted other Swiss youngster to experience the success he enjoyed. That moved to found Swiss Startup Factory.


The program at SSF is designed for entrepreneurs that are committed and ambitious enough to do the work and accept the guidance they need to prosper. Swiss Startup Factory gives early stage startups office space, help with financing, accounting, marketing and connections to a network of international entrepreneurs and investors as part of their pre-accelerator services. They also give them pitch training, IT services, help with market research, product development and access to the top international startup ecosystems.


As part of their growth accelerator, SSF customizes the service package they offer each startup to suit their unique needs. They provide them with business development tips, guidance on leadership and management and help hiring the right staff members. The young entrepreneurs are also taught the finer points of networking, bookkeeping, financial consulting, as well as reporting. The staff at SSF also teaches about product optimization, market analysis, cost structure, law and taxes and business administration. Swiss Startup Factory is now the country’s leading private independently-financed new business incubator.


Mike Baur has also worked with the University of St Gallen’s START Summiteer program, CTI Invest, the Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion to ensure as many budding entrepreneurs as possible get the support they need to build successful businesses.


Jeremy Goldstein serving New Yorkers through new legal service

Finding legal service in New York can be stressful, especially when you are facing a serious legal issue such as crime, child-custody dispute, landlord dispute or a personal matter. However, for the last 35 years, the New York State Bar Association has provided a attorney referral service that connects the public with local attorneys who can best serve their needs.

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service recently launched a new online service that operates 24 hours a day.

The service is also made confidential. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service’s project was made in conjuction with Legal.io, which is a legal provider of software to lawyers and law firms. This new service works alongside 17 local referral services that are already operational in New York State.

The service is made free of charge, but if a client meets with an attorney, they are charged $35 for the first half-hour. Users answer a questionnaire which details their case and where they are located. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service then reviews the questionnaires and matches clients with lawyers who operated in the client’s community or nearby area. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: http://thereisnoconsensus.com/jeremy-goldstein-explains-knockout-options-help-employers/ and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeremy-goldstein#/entity

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service still offers the phone service for those who prefer to use the old system. The New York State Bar have officially vetted and approved each attorney who is part of this new system. The New York State Bar confirms they are in proper legal standing. One attorney in good legal standing is Jeremy Goldstein.

His LinkedIn profile shows that Jeremy Goldstein is currently partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates law firm, a firm specializing in corporate law. Before founding his law firm, he previously was partner at the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Jeremy Goldstein earned his law degree from New York University School of Law and a bachelor’s from Cornell University.

Logan Stout’s IDLife Gives Entrepreneurs A High Level Of Success

People that aspire to be entrepreneurs have to find their way. It is not an easy journey. One thing that the new entrepreneur is going to learn is that a lot of opportunities are not what they seem. For one thing, people that decide that they want to make money working for themselves are going to find a whole new world opens up to them. From their perspective, there are tons of possibilities. However, this illusion is soon shattered once they learn that a lot of these opportunities are either not legit or not very lucrative. This is where frustration and discouragement sets in.

Fortunately, there is a new opportunity that offers people a high level of success. This is working with Logan Stout in promoting his IDLife company. One of the greatest advantages to this is that one can make enough income to rival his full time job if he has any. This is one thing that can’t be said for other opportunities. Most other opportunities will only earn people extra pocket change. While that is good for people that have jobs that can barely make ends meet, it is important for people to find more opportunities that can bring forth a fortune.

Read more on idlife.com

One of the best things about IDLife is that it can pay people in a staggering 14 different ways. Therefore, people have a huge chance of finding something that works for them. Another thing is that the investment is paid back quickly. As a matter of fact, one can expect to get the amount of money invested back within 72 hours. This is all promoting a positive lifestyle of health and fitness. One good thing is that it makes it easier for people to improve their fitness because it helps them find a plan that works for them.

Learn more about IDLife: https://www.inc.com/profile/idlife

The Increasing Importance of Personal Cyber Security

There’s nothing worse than going online and realizing you’ve been hacked. Whether it’s your bank account, email, credit card or even social media, the effects can be devastating, expensive and time-consuming to resolve. In our world of ever-increasing threats and attacks, personal cyber security is becoming more and more important for two primary reasons:

~More Threats

As mentioned above, there is an ever-increasing amount of threats to our personal cyber security. As these threats increase, protection against these threats needs to increase as well.

~Worsening Threats

As the number of online attacks increases, so does the severity of these attacks. There is no one sector that is safe from being a target so personal cyber security is a must for everyone, from individuals to large corporations.

What can be done to stop these attacks? It is imperative to protect yourself and your personal information with a powerful online security company such as Rubica. Easy to use yet highly sophisticated, Rubica alerts you to any possible threats with the most advanced personal cyber security available today.

Don’t take chances with your personal information online. Choose Rubica for peace of mind today and a more secure world tomorrow.


Jeremy Goldstein: A Respected Legal Expert

Finding a lawyer that matched an individual’s case used to be a hectic task. Not anymore, this is after the launch of an online portal available to New York residents whereby they can be able to get lawyers who match their case from the comfort of their homes. The portal came as a result of the collaboration by the New York State Bar Association and an online legal technology provider. It aims at providing people the best service at the lowest possible fee.


To get a suitable lawyer, a person is required to visit the portal, fill the form to describe their case. Interesting to note, upon one’s submission, the form is reviewed by the bar, then the best lawyer assigned to their case. In case the applicant is not from New York, the application is forwarded to the county where the applicant comes from, and it is taken up by the bar in charge of that county. This portal aims at providing quick and top quality service at the lowest possible fee.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein works with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC., a law company that specializes in compensation issues and corporate management legal issues. Before establishing his firm, Jeremy Goldstein has previously worked with different firms from which he has gathered a lot of experience. These firms include Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz which he also co-founded. Jeremy Goldstein’s track record of good work has earned him the privilege of serving as the chair of the merger and acquisition department of the business section of the Americas Bar Association.


Jeremy Goldstein studied Law at the prestigious New York University. He later joined the prestigious University of Chicago and attained a Masters in Arts. Jeremy also holds a Bachelor of Arts from the renowned Cornell University. Jeremy Goldstein is serving as a volunteer director at Fountain House an organization dealing with social services.


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Osteo Relief Institute Helping New Jersey Residents Manage Osteoarthritis

Although arthritis is a common disease, little is known about this disease. Arthritis also called degenerative joint disorder, is a disorder characterized by joint pains and is common in old people. It is the chief source of disability in the United States. Over 50 million adults Americans have some form of the over 100 types of arthritis. Women remain to be the most affected group.


Osteoarthritis is the common type. According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo of Family Medicine, the disease causes wearing out of cartilage, which exposes bones to rub against each other causing pain, stiffness and swelling. The pain becomes chronic over time as the joint loses strength. Although arthritis has no cure, several treatment procedures can reduce joint pains.


Previous injuries, excess weight, age and family history are the risk factors for osteoarthritis. Given that the disease in incurable, self-management is instrumental in managing pain and joint degeneration. The following tips are critical in managing osteoarthritis. (HealthGrades)




Physical activity is crucial for the management of pain. Ensure you move around every day, even when it hurts to move. It is also important to do some light exercise to build some muscles around the joints. However, ensure that you don’t apply pressure on the joints.


Daily Routine

It is imperative to do some light stretching before retiring to bed. Ensure that you adjust your position severally especially when watching TV, reading or working. Additionally, make sure that you don’t stress your joints. Quitting smoking and manage your weight is also another self-management exercise.


Medical Options


All pain management medications for osteoarthritis have some side effects. Some f the common medications include acetaminophen, topical analgesics, and NSAIDS. Seek advice from a qualified physical therapist.


If all the above procedures don’t work for you, you can consider joint replacements, joint fusions or joint repair.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is a medical center specializing in the treatment of associated joint problems such as osteoarthritis. The New Jersey- based firm has been recognized for its ability to help patients with arthritis to return to their normal daily lives.


Osteo Relief Institute used cutting-edge technology and sets of equipment in identifying the pain and treating knee osteoarthritis. At Osteo Relief Institute, you will enjoy excellent customer care experience. Osteo Relief Institute uses FDA approved technologies, and there are no charges for introductory screening.

More here: https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/contact/

How Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Can Build Wealth

Managing assets is what some people do best. Richard Blair is that individual. He has the ability to handle client assets. The protection and growth are an integral part of that solution. It takes someone with a smart business head on their shoulders. Learn more: https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advisor/218993/Richard-Dwayne-Blair/


Wealth Solutions, which Richard built, do all of that. It does it well as he himself would. Based in Austin, Texas, it is a registered advisory firm for financial matters. The premise is simple. Everyone needs to know where they are going if they are going to reach their goals. Sometimes that requires someone that is smart who knows how to find that perfect balance to it all. The company has a three Pilar focus on this goal. Learn more: http://drewlaunay.com/2016/06/10/services-provided-by-richard-blair-through-wealth-solutions/


  1. Designed to specifically guide the client on the path of their choice, it specifies what should be a liquid assets, and what should be used. In this manner they are better able to know what is needed for any financial goal they have. It might be retired or a simple vacation that they are saving money for one year. No matter what the goal is, Richard’s company can help them reach it.


  1. Tailoring that pillar to the specific needs of the client is the next step in the process. This allows the clients to have what they need in order to make the profit needed.The portfolio is adjusted accordingly as the investments begin to perform well.


  1. Those strategies are then plotted out for the long term as the initial goal is reached. This allows the money that is made from the original pillar to be tripled, quadrupled and grow as long as they like. This strategy can be one that lasts for years to come and can grow into a profitable life.


Blair’s assistance to small business and families is a one in a million opportunity to many who normally wouldn’t have the access to this level of financial care and guidance. This way they can plan for the future and grow their wealth from the ground up. This type of financial advice can be truly life changing if a company like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is leading the way. The wealth can lead to a growth which can be reinvested time and again. Some people get so good at this investment strategy that they are able to live off of the money for their entire lives. Learn more: http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


Damac Group President and CEO Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the President and CEO of Damac Group, a real estate development firm known for luxury condos and upscale properties including golf courses branded by President Donald Trump. The Real estate tycoon and billionaire Sajwani did not start out in the property development business, however. His business roots actually lie in food service, where he became known for his excellent business model in working with the American Military. He gained a reputation as a man that anyone would be lucky to work with, and formed relationships that lasted long term.


When it comes to client relations, the practices that Sajwani learned as he first started practicing business taught him a great deal. He has excelled at forming strong bonds with the people that he works with in business. Sajwani said that he enjoyed working in food service, and even still retains a food service portion to the Damac Group operations. However, Damac Group has grown well beyond food service. Sajwani had dreams of becoming a billionaire, and the food service industry was not giving him the margins or profit that he wished to see. In 2002, he moved into real estate, and started big right away. This lead to incredible deals as his business grew. He was buying up underdeveloped property in Dubai and marketing it in a unique way that incorporated international sales. At that time, Dubai had recently changed laws regarding international owners of Dubai property, and Sajwani saw an excellent opportunity.


The Damac owner has used marketing techniques that highlight his properties as luxury products, such as offering a free Bentley with the sale of a top of the line apartment. These marketing techniques have given him a name and reputation in the industry as a man whose firm sells top of the line products to the worlds rich and famous. The glamorous reputation of Dubai has been built in part to the Hussain Sajwani family contribution. They are celebrities of Dubai, and have been known to be close friends with the Trump family, which only increases their celebrity status. Recently, the Sajwani family was seen at the President Elect’s New Years Eve celebration in Florida.


Follow the DAMAC owner on Instagram @hussainsajwani.


Bringing Forth A Solid Plan of Action with Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has gained a lot of experience in the world of finance. In his experience, he has concluded that everyone needs a plan that is very solid when it comes to their finances. After all, many people have tried to save without a solid financial plan only to have it fall apart on them. This is one thing that has inspired Richard to provide his services as a financial adviser and to work with people on coming up with the right retirement plan. In his experience, he has seen that each circumstance has its own individual key differences. Therefore, he is willing to help his client identify the key to the solution to their financial dilemma. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/p/my-story


There are steps to take when it comes to financial goals (https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advisor/218993/Richard-Dwayne-Blair/). The first step is laying out a road map for reaching the goals. This is where one looks at all of the characteristics of the person that is involved with his finances. There are a lot of things that the person has to look at. This includes the type of risks that he can tolerate as well as his values and other aspects of his personality. Learn more:


After looking at the different aspects of the individual, then one can lay out the strategy. These strategies include all of the things the individual could do. One thing that can help with saving money is expanding horizons. When people rely on only one source of income, they are setting themselves up for disappointment because everything has a limit. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to take the time to make sure that they are able to work with more than one form of income. This can come from some extra odd jobs or starting a business to go along with the primary source of income. Learn more: http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


One of the reasons that Richard Blair is such a successful and trustworthy financial adviser is that he gets people to open their eyes to all of the different possibilities that lie before them. Once they learn about these opportunities, then they are able to actually get some extra income.


Civil Liberties Are Supported By Organizations That Bring Public Awareness and Action

The civil liberties within the United States have taken a larger platform within the last decade. With seemingly increasing injustices that Americans find themselves, there has been a greater need for organizations to interject.

Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have provided the citizens of the U.S. population great advocacy of support to resolve differences of opinion regarding the constitution. In addition, the ACLU has taken on cases where the injustices were outright violations of a person, or group’s, civil rights.

When protecting the civil rights of U.S. citizens there is always a chance that the opposing views will take issue with an organizations stand on the issue. However, the ACLU has made a consistent pattern of never engaging within the matter it represents, one way or another; with the exception of how the matter is viewed within the law.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two very well-known and popular publishers of the News Times in Arizona. In 2007, they reached a settlement of $3.75 million after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in their favor for a landmark First Amendment case.

Stemming from their U.S. constitutional right for freedom of speech, their case prompted the two to join forces and form the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund with an unprecedented $2 million donation after reaching their settlement. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Today, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund helps to assure that there are resources available to Arizonians who are at the risk of losing their civil rights as well as proactively informing the public with knowing their rights. The fund has created the opportunity to bring awareness to the community in ways that are designed to strengthen the people of Arizona.

The network of resources are kept up to date on issues that affect the citizens of Arizona, but also to keep them informed of potential injustices throughout the country.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin both were honored by the Arizona ACLU charter with the Libertarian Award for their efforts and support of the freedom rights for the citizens of the state.

The ACLU has taken on many issues that not only are in contrast to popularity, but even those views which the organization disagrees with. As a democratic society, the ACLU represents the idealistic view of freedom for all regardless of an individual, group, or beliefs. For this reason alone, the ACLU is sought-after for representing civil liberties when other organizations choose not to become involved.

In many cases, the ACLU is the most productive choice with pursuing an injustice due to the organizations reputation and influence.

The organization has a wealth of knowledge with its use of over 300 staff Attorney’s throughout the country and in its charter offices, as well as countless Attorneys who represent ACLU clients on their behalf.

Currently, there are 1.2 million members who are affiliated with the ACLU. The ACLU has an annual budget of $100 million which is also used to outsource litigation actions necessary to bring a matter to resolution.

Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/