Doe Deere- Founder of the Makeup Line with a Bright Future

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the vibrant beauty brand Lime Crime. She began this line in 2008 after recognizing the need for bright and colorful make-up. Lime Crime is a vegan friendly beauty line that is also animal friendly, meaning none of their products are tested on animals.

Named as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Doe Deere seeks to inspire other entrepreneurial women via Instagram and other social media platforms, as well as mentorships. She wants to encourage her followers, “unicorns”, as she calls them, to embrace their inner weirdness and love who they are. One way to do this is to express themselves using the vibrant colors available in her make-up line. Doe Deere’s love of color is evident even in her own morning make-up routine- her favorite part of doing her make-up is blush and lipstick as it gives her the chance to add color to her face.

Doe Deere choose the name Lime Crime when she was setting up an E-bay site, based off of her love of the bright color, “lime”. The make-up line was one of the first beauty brands to focus on online sales. Though she was told this would not be successful venture as women like to try out their make up in person, Doe Deere saw the opportunity to use the online market to sell her unique line, and she has seen tremendous success. Being a company that is mainly based on line gives Doe Deere the opportunity to get immediate feedback from her supporters via social media platforms.

As make-up is her business, Doe Deere loves doing her make-up in the morning- it’s her time to herself before heading to the office. She also enjoys spending times with her three cats, showcasing her love of animals that lead to her line being certified cruelty free. Once at Lime Crime headquarters, Doe Deere becomes Jane of all trades as she talks with her team- she handles whatever department needs attention, be it social marketing, coming up with new, creative ideas, or working on the actual products.

Having run a successful business for some time now, Doe Deere is no stranger to people who seek to bring her down. Her strategy for dealing with this is to just ignore them. She is much more interested in the unicorns who believe in her and her bright company.

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Doe Deere’s Morning Routine: Primed for the Day!

Many successful business people and creatives know how vital it is to start the day off right. A bomber morning routine paves the way for an amazing day. Doe Deere definitely has her own style, and that infuses her morning routine. She’s got it all perfected — from the moment her eyes open, to stepping out the door! How does she get ready for the day?


She is a morning person, so her eyes pop open at exactly 8:30 without an alarm. It is important to Doe Deere to get lots of beauty rest — ideally nine hours a night. For healthy skin from the inside out, so she drinks a full glass of water on waking. This gets her hydrated, gives her skin a natural glow, and gets the creative juices flowing! Next up is stretching, which leaves her feeling flexible and ready for the day.


Since she is passionate about revolutionizing the make-up industry through her company, “Lime Crime”, Doe takes some time soon after waking to check her phone. “Lime Crime” is very internet based, and Doe uses her phone to communicate with her team, fans, and to keep track of her busy schedule.


She prefers to keep this digital-dive limited. Instead of checking email, she puts her phone away and spends some time cooking up breakfast in the kitchen. This time is for her to start getting creative — thinking up the next product to launch or the next creative new look to bring to her fans. Breakfast is usually some combination of her favorites: home-cooked grits, fruit, yogurt, and fresh squeezed orange juice (from oranges off of her own tree!).


Her morning wouldn’t be complete without some time with her cats (two Persians named Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham) and some upbeat tunes giving her good vibes for the day. Doe likes to style her hair (it’s purple!) in glossy waves. Her makeup routine takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, and it is the part of her morning that she enjoys most. She washes her face with Glossier face wash, and then applies foundation (L’Oreal or MAC), and a powder. She loves to add in colorful blush and lipstick. Her style is bold and revolutionary — she loves color! Bright lipstick hue’s from Lime Crime’s ‘Matte Velvetine’ range are her current favorites.

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The Rules Of Fabletics Sets it Apart From Other Stores That Offer Fashion

One thing that people are aware of when they shop for clothes is that there are plenty of options. Therefore, one is able to determine the type of approach that he wants to take when it comes to fashion. Whether people have the desire to just find some kind of outfit that can keep them warm and covered or they want something that is very stylish and suited to them, there is something for everyone. People can choose from buying clothes in stores like Wal-mart, Target, Under-Armour and Amazon. There are also fast fashion options such as H&M and Zara.


The fashion retailer that is worthy of business is Fabletics. One of the reasons that this company is so worthy is because a lot of thought has been put into the industry. Every aspect of the business has been thought through. For one thing, the developers of this company have thought about what business model is going to work well for them in the years to come. Perhaps the most important aspect of their business model is that they pay attention to the customers first. Customers are given a set of questions to answer as they are signing up for membership. They are then given a set of curated items they can look through. There is also the option of looking at other items.


One thing that makes Fabletics stand out from all of the others is that the team carefully analyzes their data on their customers so that they can make sure that they are providing items that the customers want. This not only keeps customers coming back for more but also makes sure that there are very little items left over.


Fabletics is also very thoughtful on how it saves money for its customers while making sure that all of the clothes are prepared in humane conditions. Therefore, people are can buy and enjoy their favorite Fabletics brands without having to deal with their conscience about issues of ethics. The company has been founded on the principle of creativity and fun. The items that are sold are also creative and fun.

How Dr. Cameron Clokie Is Changing The Future Of Medical Surgeries From His Toronto-Based Firm

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a surgeon specializing in oral and maxillofacial complications, a dedicated scientist and a passionate entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Incorporation which deals with the reconstruction of musculoskeletal tissues using regenerative medicine and advanced technology.

He earned his DDS from McGill University in 1985 and proceeded to undertake a specialty training in dentistry in 1990. In 1992, Cameron left the institution with a doctorate in bone regeneration that helps him understand how dental implants promote the development of the jaws and other details in the mouth. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

In his more than 30-year-old career, Cameron has acquired extensive knowledge and skills in dealing with dental ailments. He has documented this experience in numerous publications such as papers and presentations. He has delivered lectures on bone regeneration, the future of dentistry, the impact of modern technology on dentistry, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

His well-researched and in-depth insights earn him frequent invitations to speak on platforms around the world. In 1998, Cameron accepted an offer to head Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and was the professor of maxillofacial and oral surgery at the University of Toronto until his retirement in 2017. He serves on the boards of a couple of companies and holds 25 internationally recognized patents.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie performs his practices at Mount Sinai Hospital and Toronto General Hospital. He has treated many patients who are extremely grateful of the effective, short and painless procedures they undergo. Mr. Russel underwent a four-hour jaw surgery and spent only two nights at the hospital.

He revealed that the operation was painless and healed quickly enough to allow him to go skiing two weeks afterward. Russel’s operation involved removal of a jaw bone with an ingrown tumor. Cameron inserted a gel model into Russel’s missing jawline and supported it with a titanium rod. After a few days, the blood vessels began growing over the model, and the gel model started melting as the jaw regenerated.

MacFarlane underwent a similar procedure with the variation of having her jawline reconstructed from a bone from her hip. Cameron states that the practice is a vital scientific innovation that will change the future of medicine.

Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Career and Charitable Endeavors

Finding an attorney can be an expensive, complex and frustrating process. The New York Bar Association has come up with a new process that eliminates much of the cost, time and legwork involved. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched a new website at This service, which is always available day or night matches clients with prospective attorneys. After entering some basic profile information, someone will review your case information to determine if a participating attorney can assist. If so, a small referral fee of $35 is charged in some cases, however, it’s sometimes not applicable depending on the nature of the case.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. His boutique firm specializes in areas such as corporate governance and compensation. Being an experienced attorney in many areas of corporate law, Goldstein focuses his efforts on the areas where he can achieve maximum results. He’s represented many large corporations in areas as complex as mergers and acquisitions. Having a track record that involves some of the largest business transactions in modern history, he has the power and knowledge to litigate most any matter successfully.


It’s not without hard work and dedication that Goldstein has been able to achieve such impressive results. His background of academic excellence is enough to impress any critic. He attended Cornell University and graduated cum laude with a degree in art history. He continued his education earning a master’s degree in the same discipline. He then earned a law degree at New York University. He’s contributed to numerous scholarly periodicals, including Harvard University in areas such as corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein also makes time to give back to the community. He’s on the board of directors for a local charity that helps those with mental illness. As you can see, Jeremy Goldstein is making huge advances in both his professional and charitable endeavors.


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George Soros Chooses To Do Good with His Personal Fortune

The name George Soros brings great joy to many liberal and left leaning individuals and groups around the world as he has grown into one of the most important political and philanthropic donors ever seen. Forbes reports George Soros has developed one of the most successful hedge funds ever seen in the financial industry with Soros himself being the controlling figurehead of Soros Fund Management throughout the majority of its life; after arriving in the U.S. in the 1950s, George Soros established his own initial hedge fund in 1969 with just $12 million that has developed into a $30 billion brand that is almost unmatched in Wall Street history for its size and success.

The development of his personal fortune of around $25 billion in 2017 made the Holocaust survivor consider how best to use the wealth he amassed and what he felt he was destined to do with his life. In general, George Soros looks at his success as a sign that he was destined to help as many people in the world as possible and eventually began exploring philanthropy in the late 1970s, according to Discover the Networks. 1982 saw the establishment of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations that now has more than $1 billion in assets and seeks to push forward the idea of democracy and the protection of human rights across the planet. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

In interviews and his books, George Soros has stated he believes his financial success was only made possible by his commitment to providing a more successful future for the human race as a whole. The biography of George Soros points back to his early years in Nazi occupied Hungary as the moment when the young man began understanding the importance of money and power. Soros went on to explain his belief that making money was his way of joining the most powerful people in the world, yet his main goal was not simply to make money, but to help develop a new social agenda that could have a positive effect on the planet as a whole. Visit to know more about George Soros.

The decision by George Soros to back Hillary Clinton’s campaign for The White House in 2016 came after the financial specialist had admitted his own mistake in backing President Barrack Obama in 2008 over the former First Lady. The philanthropic work of the hedge fund legend continues apace with the Open Society Foundations working in over 100 nations, including the U.S. where social and criminal justice concerns top the list of priorities. As one of the founding members of the Democracy Alliance group of wealthy Democrat’s, George Soros has vowed the Presidency of Republican Donald Trump will be a time for the party to become a major force of opposition seeking to build a stringer grassroots following for the future.

A Keen Look At An Icon Of Success, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello has served as the CEO and the President of Nabors Industries Ltd since 1992. He assumed the role of the Chairman of the Board of the company in 2012. Before then, he was the Deputy Chair of Nabors Industries, a position that he held for about a decade. In addition, Tony has worked for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm as a Managing Partner in its New York office between 1986 and 1991.

Nabors Industries has its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda. Its main operational base is in Houston, Texas. Nabors is a natural gas and geothermal drilling contracting company that has numerous branches in the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, and throughout America. They own a fleet of 29 ships for their offshore business operations. Nabors Industries produces high-quality drilling machines and rig instrumentation used for data collection. Additionally, they manufacture drill pipe handling equipment and software for rig reporting.

Lloyd Grove, Anthony Petrello’s college roommate, published an article in the Daily Beast that revealed that Tony studied under public-school scholarship, and that he was from a working-class family that lived in Newark, New Jersey. According to Lloyd, Tony Petrello liked Mathematics and was continually writing proofs to complex theorems. At the age of 18, it is reported that he was operating at a genius level, and he became the understudy of a famous mathematician, Professor Serge Lang. However, instead of pursuing his talent in the field of Mathematics, Tony decided to join a school of law.

Anthony graduated from Yale University with his first and second degree and also earned a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. Presently, Patrello serves at the Texas Children’s Hospital as the Director, and at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since 2011 as the Director.


How To Invest Your Money For Gold And Silver Bullion And Bars?

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the leading private distributors of U.S, and other foreign government issued platinum, silver legal coins. The company is based in Austin Texas. Many individuals across the states rely on this firm to make their assets diverse by owning them primarily regarding precious metals. Mostly it is in the form of U.S silver and gold.

The company’s team of experts is well trained and equipped with the current knowledge about precious metals. The team includes numismatic and coin research experts that are equipped with knowledge about the current market. Through them, U.S. Money Reserve can find products that have the highest returns for their clients in the U.S.

The company always goes above the standards of the metal industry to ensure they are offering superior customer services to their clientele. Whether the user is new or existing, U.S. Money Reserve treats them with the utmost respect. This way they will be able to establish a long-term relationship with all their customers.


U.S. Money Reserve is a licensed seller of graded and certified U.S government coins. They are also AAA rated by the business customer alliance.

Veteran gold entrepreneurs, who know the importance of combining excellent market knowledge, customer service, and honest dealings while selling and purchasing precious metals, established the company.

Over the years, many clients have entrusted the U.S. Money Reservewith the ability to provide quality coins due to their quality services and knowledge to choose coins of the highest value.

Their record of accomplishment is the best. It can be seen from the many wise purchases they have made in the recent times. Checking the reviews and feedbacks from customers who have worked with the firm, many of them are making profits now. U.S. Money Reserve has continued to offer the most exceptional services in the market today when it comes to government-issued platinum, silver, and gold coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

A recap on why you should choose U.S. Money Reserve

  • When you are doing a deal with them, they pledge to uphold the pillars of behavior and commitment to ensure you are satisfied.
  • They are transparent in all their dealings
  • The company tailors all recommendations to ensure they are giving the best
  • They offer refunds through the Buyback Guarantee
  • They offer nothing but quality services

In conclusion, U.S. Money Reserve is a firm that can be trusted to provide active transactions. Reviews from other clients can prove that.

Jeremy Goldstein and His Strong Will to Help Others with Legal Issues

People who are deep in legal matters should hire legal counsel to assist them with the situation. According to a recent survey, one of the biggest problems that people have with finding an attorney is the cost. Another issue is that most of the attorney has high consultation fees that make it harder for people to decide which one to choose. To overcome this problem, Madison County Courier has started an online service according to which people can find a lawyer easily and that too at low first consultation fee. A person needs to enter some information about their legal situation, and what kind of help they require and they will receive a list of available lawyers at that time. There is no obligation on the person to hire them, and they can pick the one that they think will be best for them.



One of the lawyers in New York that has been a gift for this initiative is Jeremy Goldstein. He has always been against overcharging clients, and this was the main reason why he left a large firm to start his boutique law firm. He was hired by a large law firm right after he graduated in law from the New York University. After working for the company for a few years, he did not like the way the clients were treated and being overcharged. It was then; he decided to do something of his own. He then started Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates that is among the top law firms in the country.



Even though he is always busy serving his clients, he still takes out time to serve the community that he works in. He is part of many non-profit organizations in the city and abroad. He goes beyond his call of duty to ensure that he is able to do whatever he can to help others in difficult situations.

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Mike Baur: An Expert in Startups

When passion and talent are combined, great things are born like the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur founded the Company to impact and inspires people in Switzerland to launch their startup companies.


Through his Company, Mike has managed to coach and train different people to create their startup ideas and grow them into great businesses. Mike Baur has managed to bridge the gap between the old and new economy.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers different programs to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses. They have a 360-degree program and an accelerator program. The accelerator program provides tools and knowledge to the help the students launch their ideas, and it is usually three months. The 360-degree program is an all round program that provides opportunity and tools for establishing new businesses.




Mike holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Science in Banking and Finance from University of Applied Sciences in Bern. He advanced his career by the pursuing the University of Rochester for his Master of Business Administration. During the same period, Mike attended the University of Bern for Executive Master of Business Administration.


Professional Experience


Mike originally started his commercial apprentice at the UBS Company. He managed to grow his career through the different positions. Mike developed his financial career through the banking industry.


Mike worked in different banks including Cladrien Leu and Sallfort Private Bank. After a couple of years, Mike decided to launch the Swiss Startup Factory in 2015. The company is involved in providing exciting opportunities to digital entrepreneurs. He has also been serving as the Executive Chairman of the Company.


In October 2015, he founded the Swiss Startup Association. It is a company that focuses on providing legal and tax environmental cases.


Mike launched yet another Swiss Startup Company in 2016. The Swiss Startup Invest is the leading financing platform for the Swiss High-tech company. He is the acting Deputy Managing Director.


‘Think reloaded AG’ was the first Company and he founded in 2014. He has been acting as the manager of the company since 2014.


He has also been serving as the Vice President of Innovation Lab Fribourg. This is a Company that empowers and guides the student entrepreneurs pursuing the business, engineer, and natural sciences. They provide tools to help the students bring new technologies to the market.

Mike is a fan of a big sports fan, and he loves hockey.