Jed McCaleb Still Soaring High in Financial Infrastructure Development

You have probably come across the name Jed McCaleb severally in the field of financial analysis. McCaleb is a reputable programmer in America. He is also an excellent expert in blockchain cryptocurrency. As such, Jed McCaleb has made significant contributions in the cryptocurrency sector by starting the first Bitcoin exchange system globally, the Mt. Gox. Moreover, McCaleb has also collaborated with the likes of Sam Yagan to launch the pioneer monkey project. It is among the very first non-centralized peer-to-peer file sharing networks to hit the market. It was developed in 2000 and was designed to support multi-source downloading. Jed focuses on using technology to increase efficiency and improve the overall state of human conditions.

However, Jed McCaleb is the Co-Founder and CTO of Stellar Development Foundation which kicked off in 2014. He is the head of the technical development department. Additionally, he is the chief advisor to MIRI, an artificial intelligence research institution seeking to generate positive impacts. is Jed’s newest venture as a programmer in partnership with Joyce Kim.

In his role at the foundation, he aims at creating a universal network in the finance sector that triggers economic participation. At most times, you are likely to find Jed McCaleb coding or either improving the technical aspects at Stellar with the help of his team. He also actively engages in managing emails and the general running of the venture.

Nevertheless, the offers support to the stellar network. It also aids in open resource software. The is an organization that does not aim at profits but instead incorporates technology and digital financial literacy. Jed McCaleb draws his time and resources towards finding better ways of improving the available and new techniques as well as implementing the technologies in problem-solving. According to Jed, he used the idea the bitcoin technology and upgraded it to solve many other problems by linking financial institutions. The network connects the unbanked population all around the globe. It offers less costly and seamless means of transferring money. The Stellar system has proved to be an adequate financial infrastructure in many for financial institutions, business ventures and non-profit organizations globally; with a significant interest in the developing countries.

Jed McCaleb bases his entrepreneurial success on developing workable plans and strategies. He also encourages business people to carry out intensive risk analysis before embarking on a venture.

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