An Interesting Time for Information Technology

Securus Technologies is a high end and well-known information technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company was originally created in order to offer communications support to security personnel but quickly expanded to meet the needs of prison inmates and their families. Having prisoners as your main customer base offers a number of challenges, one of which is being able to collect monthly subscription fees from clients. Many families who rely on Securus do not have functional bank accounts or credit cards, with usual life hardships to blame. In order to further support their clients and give them the ability to pay more frequently, Securus Technologies has decided to spend some additional money and purchase online financial sensation GovPayNet.


GovPayNet has been around for a decent period of time and has supported such online storefronts as eBay and Amazon, to name a few. Their usefulness lies in the fact that they offer multiple forms of payment for their customers. This means that instead of simply offering a credit card as a payment method a customer can decide to use a credit card, or a prepaid credit card, checking account, PayPal, or other similar methods. This is great news for Securus customers and will certainly alter the way that the company does business in the future.


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