Osteo Relief Institute A Provider of Relief from Joint Pain

The more people feel pain in their joints across the body, more scientists notice that people do not fully understand what Osteoarthritis really is.


Rather than a specific disease, Arthritis is the name given by medicine to the joint pain in general, which can be caused by several different factors that are, sometimes, no related to an actual disease at all. In fact, lack of exercise and aging are relevant components that contribute to the pain so many people refer to arthritis. There are millions of people around the world that suffer from this pain, and it is most common with women than men, especially in later stages of life.


The Osteo Relief Institute, located in Wall Township, New Jersey, provides patients of osteoarthritis with various options for relieving the pain they experience at their joints (WeeklyOpinion). Osteoarthritis is the name given to the wearing away of the cartilage present at the knee, thumb and hip joints which leads to bones grinding at each other, resulting in pain, inflammation, and stiffness.


The Osteo Relief Institute recommends patients pursue less invasive techniques such as exercise to restore range of motion before considering medication or injections at the joints, which may have unwanted side effects. There are three major types of exercise that sufferers of this condition will find useful: range-of-motion exercises such as stretching to increase joint flexibility, aerobic and endurance exercises that improve blood flow and stamina for the restoration of normal joint movement, and strengthening exercises which help reduce pressure on the joints through muscle development.


In case of a greater pain than just minor discomfort, medication may become necessary and Osteo Relief Institute helps patients determine the amount of exercise and/or medicine that should be taken. This medicine takes the form of either topical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs or, in more extreme cases, steroids.

In the end, the main goal for the Osteo Relief Institute is to explore all possible methods to bring relief to osteoarthritis patients in an attempt to avoid surgery. Targeted injections at the joints are what the Osteo Relief Institute specializes in along with the other non-invasive methods described earlier with the help of a dedicated staff that works to help reduce patients’ pain and worries.



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