Canadian Craft Beer Industry, the Future of Beer Economy

In North America, Canadian beer market is facing the great development of craft beer. Trends like mass marketing are quickly fading away paving the way for craft beer dominance. This is associated with the gradual changes in culture in many towns and cities by millennial youth’s hence cosmopolitan influence. With the increased popularity of craft beer industries, experts estimate that in 4 years to come, approximately 20% of beer sales will be as a result of microbreweries farms.


Canadian craft beer diversity has grown in popularity in the United States and across the globe (WingsJournal). These include Vienna-style lagers beer, bourbon barrel stouts, and various beer varieties available in the Canadian market. Winning 20 of the total 24, Ontario breweries dominated The International U.S. Open Beer Championship. In this year’s competition, Canadian breweries dominated the competition winning the best beer category. Steamworks Breweries emerged among the best craft beer companies through its numerous beer varieties.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the brainchild behind Steamworks breweries. He started his career as a highly qualified lawyer. His passion for growth and success had him venture in the business market. This was as a result of him traveling to Europe where he sampled beer in Belgian. From his first sip, he knew he wanted to venture into the craft beer business.


Through his business experience, he managed to secure a historic building in Gastown, converting it to his first brewpub. He selected the building because of its unique steam heat machinery, which he deployed in his beer brewing. He faced legal challenges to approve setting up a brewpub. Thanks to his legal experience and knowledge, he succeeded in being licensed. His small scale craft beer grew gradually in popularity leading to over 500 seats increased in his brewpub.


Pilsner is one of his beer brands to have worldwide beer market dominance in about 85 countries. From craft beer to international dominance, Eli Gershkovitch proves his economic understanding of business growth and investment. Strategic planning had him select the 100-year-old unique building. It attracted consumers due to the unique and serene environment.

Consistency in production and determination had Eli Gershkovitch expand his brewpub to large-scale production. This led to international markets from Hong Kong to Germany. Locally, he dominated Canadian market and over a dozen states in the U.S. As one of the greatest pioneers in craft beer industry, his success is a great encouragement to upcoming craft beer companies. He proves that business success is determined by uniqueness and determination in growth.

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