How Amicus Therapeutics Has Revolutionized Biotechnology

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology-oriented company based in New Jersey. The company’s primary role is to deal with advanced therapies with the sole purpose being to treat and manage a wide range of life-threatening diseases. The company which was founded in the year 2002 brags as having some of the most sophisticated mechanisms that can treat a wide variety of human-oriented genetic diseases, with more concern been paid on the lysosomal storage diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. mainly produces its products via the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CART). This product development platform has been concentrated more on the development of enzyme replacement therapies which have been used to manage and treat medical conditions such as Pompe disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, and Fabry disease. Though Amicus Therapeutics Inc. is believed to have some of the broadest and highly-advanced small molecules for pharmacological uses than any other pharmaceutical company in the industry, it solely lies on contract manufacturing companies since it lacks its own manufacturing plant.

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. acquired its sole competitor Callidus Biopharma and in the process neutralized competition. The purchase saw the company obtain the full proprietary materials owned by Callidus Biopharma as well as the enzyme replacement therapy used in the treatment of Pompe disease.

Amicus Therapeutics Inc. went public under the NASDAQ trading symbol after a previous trading option failed to materialize. During this time, its main funders were Radius Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners. In 2008, Amicus Therapeutics Inc. expanded its branches to its second research site based in San Diego California (

Thanks to its positive outlook towards helping the sick, Amicus Therapeutics Inc. has received a substantial amount of money from well-wishers. For instance, in 2010, the company was awarded more than $500,000 grant by The Michael J. Fox Foundation (ForexWizard). The funds were meant to support the numerous studies conducted by the firm in conjunction with David Geffen School of Medicine. Apart from this, the company received more than $210,300 from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. The grant was to support the pre-clinical research work of Alzheimer in which the company was to conduct with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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Osteo Relief Institute A Provider of Relief from Joint Pain

The more people feel pain in their joints across the body, more scientists notice that people do not fully understand what Osteoarthritis really is.


Rather than a specific disease, Arthritis is the name given by medicine to the joint pain in general, which can be caused by several different factors that are, sometimes, no related to an actual disease at all. In fact, lack of exercise and aging are relevant components that contribute to the pain so many people refer to arthritis. There are millions of people around the world that suffer from this pain, and it is most common with women than men, especially in later stages of life.


The Osteo Relief Institute, located in Wall Township, New Jersey, provides patients of osteoarthritis with various options for relieving the pain they experience at their joints (WeeklyOpinion). Osteoarthritis is the name given to the wearing away of the cartilage present at the knee, thumb and hip joints which leads to bones grinding at each other, resulting in pain, inflammation, and stiffness.


The Osteo Relief Institute recommends patients pursue less invasive techniques such as exercise to restore range of motion before considering medication or injections at the joints, which may have unwanted side effects. There are three major types of exercise that sufferers of this condition will find useful: range-of-motion exercises such as stretching to increase joint flexibility, aerobic and endurance exercises that improve blood flow and stamina for the restoration of normal joint movement, and strengthening exercises which help reduce pressure on the joints through muscle development.


In case of a greater pain than just minor discomfort, medication may become necessary and Osteo Relief Institute helps patients determine the amount of exercise and/or medicine that should be taken. This medicine takes the form of either topical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs or, in more extreme cases, steroids.

In the end, the main goal for the Osteo Relief Institute is to explore all possible methods to bring relief to osteoarthritis patients in an attempt to avoid surgery. Targeted injections at the joints are what the Osteo Relief Institute specializes in along with the other non-invasive methods described earlier with the help of a dedicated staff that works to help reduce patients’ pain and worries.



Canadian Craft Beer Industry, the Future of Beer Economy

In North America, Canadian beer market is facing the great development of craft beer. Trends like mass marketing are quickly fading away paving the way for craft beer dominance. This is associated with the gradual changes in culture in many towns and cities by millennial youth’s hence cosmopolitan influence. With the increased popularity of craft beer industries, experts estimate that in 4 years to come, approximately 20% of beer sales will be as a result of microbreweries farms.


Canadian craft beer diversity has grown in popularity in the United States and across the globe (WingsJournal). These include Vienna-style lagers beer, bourbon barrel stouts, and various beer varieties available in the Canadian market. Winning 20 of the total 24, Ontario breweries dominated The International U.S. Open Beer Championship. In this year’s competition, Canadian breweries dominated the competition winning the best beer category. Steamworks Breweries emerged among the best craft beer companies through its numerous beer varieties.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the brainchild behind Steamworks breweries. He started his career as a highly qualified lawyer. His passion for growth and success had him venture in the business market. This was as a result of him traveling to Europe where he sampled beer in Belgian. From his first sip, he knew he wanted to venture into the craft beer business.


Through his business experience, he managed to secure a historic building in Gastown, converting it to his first brewpub. He selected the building because of its unique steam heat machinery, which he deployed in his beer brewing. He faced legal challenges to approve setting up a brewpub. Thanks to his legal experience and knowledge, he succeeded in being licensed. His small scale craft beer grew gradually in popularity leading to over 500 seats increased in his brewpub.


Pilsner is one of his beer brands to have worldwide beer market dominance in about 85 countries. From craft beer to international dominance, Eli Gershkovitch proves his economic understanding of business growth and investment. Strategic planning had him select the 100-year-old unique building. It attracted consumers due to the unique and serene environment.

Consistency in production and determination had Eli Gershkovitch expand his brewpub to large-scale production. This led to international markets from Hong Kong to Germany. Locally, he dominated Canadian market and over a dozen states in the U.S. As one of the greatest pioneers in craft beer industry, his success is a great encouragement to upcoming craft beer companies. He proves that business success is determined by uniqueness and determination in growth.

Edisoft’s Powerful Solutions For Various Supply Chain Problems

Supplying a continuous series of products and cargo across regions is difficult, challenging and will never be easy. How much more is measuring the performance of the couriers responsible for the delivery of such products? People used to gauge the performance of the delivery systems through Key Performance Indicators involving multi-level measurements. More extraordinary measures would be those involving physical and financial aspects of the supply chain (Bloomberg).


But what about the other aspects of the shipping? How do they get measured? With the many things that involve in the transmission of data today and with new technology coming up, such as GPS data sets, Internet of Things, and other mobile solutions, there’s now so much to monitor when it comes to the performance of the delivery systems.


These challenges have to find their answers in the solutions provided by third parties today. The primary goal of a transport system should be compliant to the supply chain of the company, and it should also be cost-efficient. Many third parties help companies achieve these goals. All the entrepreneurs need to do is find the reliable ones in the market that can help with these solutions. Otherwise, it will extremely be hard to monitor the revenues coming from the end-to-end supply chain.


Edisoft’s Solutions


One of the leading software companies and providers of today’s supply chain solutions is Edisoft.


With Edisoft’s configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform, it is now easy to find ways in helping manufacturers and distributors improve the performance of their supply chain programs. One of the leading programs that Edisoft has is the turnkey integrated EDI platform that offers flexible operations to distribute the memos, emails and EDI files of any Van, Direct AS2 or even any variety of FTP connection to help companies achieve the lowest level of costs in their supply chain procedures.


ERP integrated EDI without customization is also another software that makes this company stand out in the market today. Also, the company has now increased many companies’ staff productivity because of the workflow efficiency platforms that the firm offers. Indeed, the solutions provided by Edisoft deliver the quality results any business needs.

The Impressive Work Of Glen Wakeman

Being a leader and maintaining leadership abilities are natural for some people. So is the case of Glen Wakeman, a man who has an enormous amount of accolades to his credit. He is a self propelled individual who knows how to achieve excellence in all of his endeavors. Glen’s career in business and finance started twenty years ago. In 1981 he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Finance, and in 1993 he earned his MBA in Finance. He is now the CEO of Launch Pad Holdings LLC, which is a company that he co-founded in 2015. Before this, he held leadership and management positions with GE Capitol ( The Nova Four Board of Directors recognized him as being a role model in Growth Leadership.

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur who mentored early-stage business owners and helped change the course of their business by improving and enhancing their growth potential.

Glen Wakeman established his business, Launch Pad Holdings LLC, as a computer software that caters to entrepreneurs who require an online planning service (Crunchbase). His work as a career financial expert has to lead him to be the guiding factor for startups, new market entry and more. His proven method includes five key areas of performance which includes human capital, risk management, government, leadership, and execution. Along with being a writer, an investor, and an entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman shares his innovative thinking and insights with others through regular blogs. These posts consist of information about new markets, global matters, administration, and management. Throughout his career, Glen has gained a significant amount of worldwide recognition. Glen has resided in six countries around the world and was in charge of thirty regions. He has a strong passion for growth, executive development, and innovative ideas.

Aloha Construction Company Gives Tips on Handling Pets during a Renovation Process

The construction industry has many sections, and different companies specialize in specific roles. A good example is Aloha Construction Company that concentrates on the roofing sector. Aloha has enough personnel who carry out all types of roofing to suit the needs of their clients. Due to their specialty in the field of roofing, they have been able to win many tenders.Aloha has found an edge over other companies when it comes to sliding, something that most successful companies tend to ignore, but Aloha has capitalized on it. Therefore, Aloha increases its competitiveness in the job market. Furthermore, they do vinyl, wood, Hardee board and aluminum siding that protects the roof from tear and wear.

When it comes to handling the needs of different clients regarding the design of gutters, Aloha Construction carries out the task to customer satisfaction.Aloha Construction not only offers roofing services to homes but also gives homeowners tips on how to handle pets especially dogs through its team of experts. They guide you on how to look after your pet during the entire renovation process. Aloha Construction has offered a list of tips to ensure that your pets’ needs are taken care of without interfering with your renovation process.

They recommend that you should keep an eye on your dog to ensure that it does not get in touch with strange people or avoid construction hazards. Additionally, they recommended that you keep them in a safe room away from construction place. Make sure that the dog undergoes their routine activities because the construction process could leave your dogs stressed. Therefore, they have to relieve stress. Another important thing is to exercise together with your dog. You can decide to swim, hike or even take a road trip. Then you have to ensure your dog’s safety by cleaning all materials like nails that may be dangerous to your dog.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Bring A New Business Vision To Fashion


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg co-founded Fabletics as a response to a unique need in the fashion market. Retail was a 44 billion dollar business in 2016. These numbers were based on the purchases of active wear. The growth and consumption in this particular market was expected to double reaching 83 billion dollars annually. Read more: LA Entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Are Reinventing How We Think About Technology and Fashion



However, despite the huge numbers there were only a few companies dominating the industry. Monopolies are common in many different business arenas. These companies secure huge profits with very little competition. The introduction of Fabletics challenged this business paradigm.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg teamed up with high end personalities in order to draw attention to their new business model. Actress Kate Hudson was a primary figure in pioneering the marketing effort for the new company. The objective was to satisfy a need in providing active wear to the female consumer.


Industry research showed that women were the most overlooked consumer group in the active wear market. Females were looking for colorful and attractive workout gear at a reasonable cost. Many of the options on the market at that time came in standard sizes, were very expensive and not flattering to the woman’s physique. Don and Adam saw the need and develop a line of clothing to satisfy and unnoticed consumer base.


 They began with Techstyle Fashion Group. The company quickly began to answer the call for a fresh approach to female athletic fashion. However, their efforts were not without obstacles. Don and Adam were in need of a tremendous influx of cash to pursue this business endeavor. Their online business was highly successful at that time.


Yet it still did not provide enough funding to launch into the fashion retail market. It was unlikely that two unknown businessmen were going to create a formidable brand in women’s active wear. The duo was forced to team up with notable names in order to establish themselves as a player in a very competitive industry.


Kate Hudson brought her personal touch to the vision. She was an active and athletic female who desired the product that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg was trying to market. Hudson enthusiastically embraced her role.


She was motivated by the idea of inspiring women to stay fit and active. Money was merely an afterthought. Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler then set out on a mission to create a line of women’s active wear that would be appealing to females of all sizes and activity interest.


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