Doe Deere’s Morning Routine: Primed for the Day!

Many successful business people and creatives know how vital it is to start the day off right. A bomber morning routine paves the way for an amazing day. Doe Deere definitely has her own style, and that infuses her morning routine. She’s got it all perfected — from the moment her eyes open, to stepping out the door! How does she get ready for the day?

She is a morning person, so her eyes pop open at exactly 8:30 without an alarm. It is important to Doe Deere to get lots of beauty rest — ideally nine hours a night. For healthy skin from the inside out, so she drinks a full glass of water on waking. This gets her hydrated, gives her skin a natural glow, and gets the creative juices flowing! Next up is stretching, which leaves her feeling flexible and ready for the day.

Since she is passionate about revolutionizing the make-up industry through her company, “Lime Crime”, Doe takes some time soon after waking to check her phone. “Lime Crime” is very internet based, and Doe uses her phone to communicate with her team, fans, and to keep track of her busy schedule.

She prefers to keep this digital-dive limited. Instead of checking email, she puts her phone away and spends some time cooking up breakfast in the kitchen. This time is for her to start getting creative — thinking up the next product to launch or the next creative new look to bring to her fans. Breakfast is usually some combination of her favorites: home-cooked grits, fruit, yogurt, and fresh squeezed orange juice (from oranges off of her own tree!).

Her morning wouldn’t be complete without some time with her cats (two Persians named Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham) and some upbeat tunes giving her good vibes for the day. Doe likes to style her hair (it’s purple!) in glossy waves. Her makeup routine takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, and it is the part of her morning that she enjoys most. She washes her face with Glossier face wash, and then applies foundation (L’Oreal or MAC), and a powder. She loves to add in colorful blush and lipstick. Her style is bold and revolutionary — she loves color! Bright lipstick hue’s from Lime Crime’s ‘Matte Velvetine’ range are her current favorites.

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