The Traveling Vineyard Continues to Create Jobs

People keep away from multilevel marketing businesses for a reason, they hardly deliver what they promise. What they do is make you buy their products and get stuck with them because no one really has use for them. But the Traveling Vineyard business is different. Yes, they use the same direct selling method, but it is what they sell that makes the business viable. Besides, everyone loves wines. So if you have heard about the Traveling Vineyard and thought less of it, then think again. It is a fun way of helping you earn money, whether you have no job or have a full time or part-time job.

The Traveling Vineyard was founded some 15 years ago. Traveling Vineyard aimed at creating jobs for people who love wine. So, the business began out of what was a passion to financially empower people. The company has now grown to employ over 1,000 wine guides, sourced from over 4o states and operating in all the 31 states that allow direct selling.

Joining The Traveling Vineyard

If you heard about the Traveing Vineyard through a wine guide for the company, then you will be hooked up with that guide. If not, the company finds a guide near your area. The guides will mentor you and will even allow you attend their events so you can learn the ropes.

Once you have signed up, you will be required to pay $189 for the success. This is basically the lowest startup capital that any business could need. With the $189, you get everything that will help you be successful in this business. You will get 10 bottles of wine, which would be worth $150. Then you will get wine equipment and accessories worth $115. The equipment include wine glasses and a carry box, and a wine carrier. Also, you get brochures and flyers to help you with your marketing.

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Benefits of Being a Wine Guide

Flexibility – Wine guides plan their own schedules, so that are always in control. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard does not have any limit bars for the amount of wine that should be sold and guides can withdraw whenever they want without any penalties.

Making MoneyBeing a wine guide is an excellent way of making money on the side or full time. You get a 20% commission on your sales. So, if your marketing skills are top notch, this business could make you rich.



Each person has mysteries or questions that they would like answered. Others have beliefs and secrets that they would like to share with the world. In the rarest of cases, opportunities arise where one can challenge what they think they know. The podcast network by WWE’s champion Chris Jericho is the latest opportunity to do so. The Jericho Network is happy to announce a new podcast; Beyond the Darkness.



This podcast will give people a chance to make extensive discussions into the topics of aliens, angels, demons, ghost, ghouls, monsters, miracles and other mysterious topics in life. It will be hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schradder. This show is possible thanks to the Founder and Executive Chairman of Podcast Norman Pattiz who launched it last month. He believes that Jericho will be successful in this new podcast as he has been since he started The Jericho Network Collection. Jericho is also quite happy with the show and applauds Tim and Dave as they begin the new exciting and a little creepy podcast.



Pattiz has serves as executive chairman at PodcastOne since June 23, 2016 before which he served as its Chief Executive Officer. These are a few of the many senior positions that he has held in the media and broadcasting industry. He was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and later by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) of the United States. In 2009, he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award after his induction into the national radio Hall of Fame.



His broadcasting career dates back to the 1970s when he founded Westwood One Inc. Westwood One grew into a massive company owning, managing and distributing CBS News, CNN radio, NBC radio networks and Super Bowl among others. Besides his broadcasting career, he serves as chairman of the Board of Governors at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national security laboratories and director of the Office of Foreign Relations at the Los Angeles sheriff’s department.



Under his leadership PodcastOne has grown into America’s largest podcast network supported by advertisers. Everyone at PodcastOne is thrilled about Beyond the Darkness. To catch up on every episode, look for postings on the PodcastOne app, or iTunes every Monday. With every episode, you are bond to learn something new about the paranormal. Isn’t that fascinating?

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Julie Zuckereberg Is A Successful Talent Acquisition Expert

Julie Zuckerberg is a famed recruiter who specializes in talent acquisition and management. Currently, she is the executive talent acquisition lead at Deutsche Bank where she partners with professionals in asset management, private wealth and commercial business fields, global technology and operations. Together, they redefine recruitment strategies and spearhead process improvements. Under her current position, Julie oversees the development and negotiation managerial level offers that include material risk takers and the key function stakeholders. Additionally, she is responsible for counseling leadership and executive committees on hiring governance and unique recruitment practices that boost proficiency in order to attract outstanding and diverse talents.

Julie has served the talent acquisition industry for over fifteen years. Prior to her executive talent acquisition lead role, Zuckerberg served as an executive recruiter and vice president at Deutsche Bank.  Together with hiring managers, Julie came up with the most effective solutions that incorporated networking methods, direct sourcing and internal mobility. She was also in charge of contract governance and corporate relationships with independent search companies, which aimed at achieving reliable and extensive sourcing of the most experienced candidates. Julie Zuckerberg’s extensive background also saw her work with the New York Life Insurance Company. Here, she assumed the role of corporate vice president and hire recruiting lead where she managed the entire hiring cycle within the agency. Her boundless experience also enabled her to oversee the recruitment process that included team recruiters and project managers. Julie worked for Citi Global Consumer Bank where she served as executive recruiter and vice president for six years. She successfully counseled teams on recruitment strategies, negotiated job offers at senior levels and sourced talent on a global scale.

Before working for Citi Global Consumer Bank, Julie served as Hudson’s director of candidate placement where she was responsible for recruiting paralegals, case managers, support staff and attorneys for corporations, legal firms and financial institutions. Her extensive skills and talent also saw her head conflict resolution, staff coaching, and counseling. Zuckerberg’s achievements in the talent acquisition industry are accredited to her strong work ethic and a deep educational background. Julie studied philosophy at City University of New York-Brooklyn College and proceeded to the New York Law School. She then settled for talent acquisition practice. While serving in the industry, Julie had the opportunity to work with numerous reputable leaders who influenced her career and helped expand her skill. As a result, she now has a veteran eye in team leadership, talent management and acquisition, conflict resolution staff training, human resources, sourcing and coaching. When not working, Julie takes interest in the vibrant cultural scene of New York. She advocates for animal welfare, culture and arts, social action, economic empowerment and civil rights. She also participates in charitable initiatives and organizes meetings for counseling and coaching employees in the industry. Julie continues to offer advice to various companies about their recruitment strategies. This information was originally reported on

Hippeas – Millennials’ New Favorite Snack

Hippeas are a tasty chickpea puff snack that is both good and good for you. With fun flavors like Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar, and Sriracha Sunshine, these puffs are far from boring health food.

Hippeas are meant to be a better-for-you snack that you actually want to eat. Each single-serve bag has only about 90 calories but packs a punch of nutrition with 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. Plus Hippeas are organic, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and vegan so they fit in with lots of different dietary needs and lifestyles! You can find these tasty snacks at many Starbucks locations as well as retailers like Whole Foods and Amazon.

Not only do Hippeas provide a delicious and nutritious snack option for you, they also do good for others across the world. The brand is partnered with Farm Africa, a charity that helps farmers help themselves out of poverty in the rural parts of eastern Africa. A portion of the proceeds from each pack of Hippeas sold helps Sub-Saharan farmers learn how to farm more efficiently, competitively, and earth-friendly so they can bring their communities above the poverty line. Unlike some crops, chickpeas naturally enrich the earth, making Hippeas the perfect snack for those environmentally conscious folks.

Before becoming CEO of Green Park Brands, he built his business portfolio at Little Miracles, a line of drinks that blend organic teas with fresh fruit juices for a powerful, nutritious elixir. In 2015, Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings, a company that is committed to bringing healthier options to the drink and snack industries. Bisterzo knows that better-for-you options that still taste great are becoming more of a priority for many people these days, which is what inspired him to create Green Park Brands. Hippeas is just the first of many tasty snack and drink brands, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

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Waiakea, A winner in Bottled Water

The bottled water industry is changing every day. Demands for more environmentally conscience packaging and healthier product are pushing bottlers to go farther than ever before. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has met the mark and then some, by using the purest water from the Mauna Loa volcano.

Waiakea water is a combination of melted snow and rain that has been naturally filtered through over 13,000 feet of volcanic rock. This natural filtration enriches the water with many minerals that are beneficial to your health. It is a sustainable source which adds natural electrolytes and alkaline. The natural form of these minerals are more readily absorbed by the body, therefore more beneficial to healthy living. They have now captured the number one rating of the best water with the best practices.

The company has been awarded a certification for being completely carbon neutral. The goal of drinking ethically is taken seriously. Using 100 percent recycled bottling, they use 80 percent less energy to produce, and reduces carbon emissions by 90 percent.

Organic Authority reports that Waiakea Water was founded by a 22 year-old Ryan Emmons. His visions of a health friendly product, and environmentally aware packaging, is also complimented by a third benefit. For every liter sold, Waiakea, along with a partnering company, donate 650 liters of fresh, clean water to impoverished areas around the world.

Recognized by companies such as Forbes and Beverage World, they are absolutely the company to watch. This company has enjoyed a growth of 500 percent since their beginning.

They are growing at a rate of 170 percent yearly. As a result of this success, they are now beginning construction in Hawaii at the source of the water. In doing so, they are still observing their commitment to the environment by employing reforestation plans, and protecting the nearby land.

In an age of social awareness, Waiakea Water has answered the call. Providing charitable donations, a premium product, and environmental replenishment, their platform will stand strong for years to come.

Don Ressler Has a Formula for Startup Success

There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet these days. This is why there are many people who try to create startup online businesses at Unfortunately, the rate of failure is remarkably high for this sort of venture. This is because there are already so many sites to compete with. It is very difficult for new sites to grab a foothold of the marketplace. One of the very small group of people who has been able to create a wide variety of profitable online businesses is Don Ressler. He has become a powerful man in the world of eCommerce. This is because nearly all of the startups that Ressler has been involved with have made money. Therefore, investors are very anxious to work with him and benefit from his genius.

Ressler first made a big splash in the tech world when he was one of the primary creative forces on Pando behind the very successful skincare and cosmetics online retailer called Dermstore. The site revolutionized the way that these products were sold. It had competitors racing back to the drawing board in an effort to change their business models. Ressler was instantly a star after the money started pouring into Dermstore’s bank accounts. Some of the biggest and most influential venture capitalists in the world were calling Ressler personally in an attempt to be a part of his next startup.

Don Ressler’s next big venture was in the clothing industry. He believed that he could succeed if he created a website that sold clothes. This is because he was not impressed by many of the other sites that were already operating in this particular industry. He came up with the idea for JustFab. This site would give customers a very broad selection of clothing manufacturers on There would be a wide price range to satisfy all customer income levels. He also offered a very liberal return policy. The site exploded in popularity in Europe. It took a little longer to catch on in the United States. However, it eventually became very profitable in several different countries.

Don Ressler has achieved what few people have been able to in the unforgiving world of tech startups.

Get Only Great Wireless Services From FreedomPop

Anyone looking for more information about FreedomPop should take notice of a FreedomPop review, especially when it’s about the particular services that they are looking for. Although FreedomPop has its roots deep in cell phone services, there are also other services that are offered, like home Internet service and portable hotspots. Not every review will talk about all the services, so maybe it’s necessary to read through different reviews to get the right information. The cell phone services are available with different plans, such as the free service, the Wi-Fi service plan, the paid service, and the unlimited everything plan.


With the free cell phone service, there is no charge for using the service each month, and the service will come with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and unlimited text messages. The free service also has an automatic top up that is set up when the services are turned on, and it requires that there is a charge of $10 once the data gets down to 100 MB.


Remove the automatic top up by going into the account to disable it, but remember that once the top up is turned off, there will be a charge for every megabyte of data that’s consumed. Also, there is always a way to get around paying for extra data by simply completing offers or surveys to earn free data.  Using the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 is also the best way to get unlimited services, including unlimited data.


Anyone who’s interested can also use the Wi-Fi service plan, which can be connected to a cell phone to allow the user to have unlimited data, talk time, and text messages, and the cost of the service is only five dollars per month. Those who want to use the Wi-Fi service on its own can do so at the same cost of five dollars per month, and tethering the services can allow it to connect to other devices, such as tablets and laptops. FreedomPop is also offering portable hotspots that come with 500 MB of free data, and the FreedomPop Hub for home Internet service comes with 1 GB of free monthly data as well.



Top Benefits of Refinancing Automobiles

Refinancing automobiles is a situation where a car is used as collateral to repay an existing loan. This is transferring car’s title ownership from one creditor to another. It is considered as a beneficial to a car owner in several ways. Auto loans interests are always at historic low and probably lower than the current loan since slash payments reduce loan rates.


How To Slash My Payments With A Refinance Loan


Refinancing a car can be beneficial to the owner since interest rates are relatively low. In this situation, the loan to be repaid will be low since it decreases the number of interests on the loan. Individuals’ whose Credit worth has substantially increased after the purchase of the car can consider refinancing automobiles a benefit.


Another reason of refinancing automobile is when one wants to slash payments after feeling you can afford it. This is achieved when one gets a promotion and will be receiving high salary than before. This secures lower interest rates hence resulting to low monthly rate. This tremendously saves money.


Also refinancing a car can be considered when one wants to increase his credit score since it isn’t static. It can from one month to other. If previously one had a few negatives on credit report or had no credit history but feels credit healthier now, refinancing a car is the good option.


Also, when one feels to reduce monthly expenses, the refinancing car can be a factor to achieve it. Since not ever body can qualify for the same, using a car can help do this. This automatically reduces some of the first-of-the-month pressure.


Refinancing automobiles is always considered since its reliable and relatively fast, stress-free and easy and lenders have plenty money hence processes are not long.


If you are interested in getting a refinance loan for your car, Ignition Financial is a very good refinance loan provider. This company will be able to suit your needs and help you get the loan that you need.

ClassDojo Has Mass Appeal

There is a level of commitment that schools have to apps like ClassDojo. This has become one of the most valuable apps for the school system in recent years because it is a power communication app that is free. That is not something that you see every day, but there are some free powerful apps out there, and ClassDojo has become one of the most popular ones.

According to Oklahoma’s News on 6, at least 90% of K-8 schools in the United States are using ClassDojo. This is huge, and it is a sign that there is a ton of growth for this app to continue to grow. The fact that people are using ClassDojo in so many schools is a sign that this app provides a high level of efficiency for teachers that are trying to bridge the gap on communication. Class Dojo has become an excellent app that continues to get people to talk about technology in education. It has become this app that is filled with reminders from teachers and a snapshot of what is happening with the grades of the students. There is no shortage of information that can be posted when teachers want to improve their communication with parents.

The parents that have been able to use this app are going to be thrilled about using this app because it gives them access to the teachers, but they do not have to necessarily have to make it to the schools in order to do this.

There are people that are going to have a lot of interest in this app because it is easy to use. School districts are implementing this on a grand scale because it has been provided as a fully functional app that is free. There have been other apps, but most teachers have been drawn to this app because it is the classroom app that gets the most buzz. Social media crowds have picked up on it.  This is a very interesting app that opens the door to innovation in the classroom. Learning has a chance to be fun because teachers can start sharing ideas through the ClassDojo app.